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Why does my cannabis plant smell like Hay?

Much of cannabis plant potency comes down to the plants genetics. If you start off with poor genetics, it will be impossible to improve potency/smell. If this happens when you have great genetics, it most likely comes down to poor growing environment. Too hot/cold, ph issues, poor/too much fertilization can all reek havoc on you end buds potency and smell.

Another reason could be the curing process (drying the plant) if done incorrectly it can really ruin the smell of your buds and make them smell like hay. Improper storage can also have an impact on your buds, if not stored correctly in a dark place, temperature of 2c to 6c the buds start to loss potency and degraded after 1 1/2 months.

My cannabis plant is very small. How can I make it grow bigger naturally?

Cannabis plants will grow as big as the roots will allow. Basically the top of the plant will be the same size as the root system. Also time that the plant spends in vegetative stage(16 hours of light) before it is switched to flowering time (12 hours of light per day) has a big impact on plant size. The longer they are allow to grow before they start to flower the bigger they will get it they have a very large pot or are in the ground.

What are 3 tips you wish you knew when you started Growing Cannabis?

How do I know when my marijuana plant is done growing?

The best way to know when your plant is finished and ready to use is to purchase a jewelers loop. You can put this up to your buds and you’re looking for the little round heads on the leaves and buds called, trichomes. These are what give the buds a “crystal look”. Unfinished buds will have clear trichomes, when they are very close to harvest they will become cloudy and then start to turn amber. Most people like to harvest when about 20% of the trichomes turn amber. As for potency more cloudy trichomes will give a more energy high while harvesting with more amber will give a more sleepy body type high.

How do I dry out my fresh cannabis seeds the right way?

I like to take my fresh buds, full of cannabis seeds, and let them dry out. By dry out I mean way more then if I were using the buds. I like them to be hay dry and crumple when crushed up. This way I can have dry seeds and remove them easily from their pods. I then put then in something for storage, with some rice I microwaved. This will help with storage then move them to a cool dry place.

Cannabis Plant Seeds
Dry Cannabis Plant Seeds

How deep should I plant my cannabis seeds?

I will normally plant my cannabis seeds about a half inch down in whatever medium I am using at the time.

How long does it take to grow a feminised cannabis seed to grow to maturity?

This is mostly strain depended. Most hybrids that are 8 to 10 weeks in flower takes 6 to 8 weeks to have good solid cannabis seeds. A pure sativa strain can take 12 to 15 weeks to finish seeds.

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