Buy Wholesale, Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Are you looking for wholesale cannabis seeds to sell at your retail cannabis seeds store? We will do wholesale cannabis seeds at an amazing rate. If you are a seed retailer, broker or online cannabis seed store we can help you bulk cannabis seed orders. If you run a merch store, dispensary, head shop, smoke shop in Canada, United States or many other countries, our seeds could make a great addition to your store.

Wholesale Cannabis Seeds
Wholesale Cannabis Seeds from Green Avenger Seeds

Why Buy Bulk Seeds From Green Avenger Seed Company

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Green Avenger Seed Company has been in business now for three years and has worked hard to keep customers happy and with great genetics for their gardens. We can do very large orders of quality cannabis seeds if you wish to resell our marijuana seeds at a markup price. We have lots of happy customers that have grown Green Avenger Seeds 

By buying cannabis seeds from us you are getting quality cannabis seeds at the best prices, sales and discounts you can get. We currently can buy wholesale cannabis seeds that are feminized, and regular wholesale cannabis seeds. 

We currently have a minimum wholesale order of 75 seeds and we have no maximum amount of seeds that you can buy from us.

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Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds from a Reliable Cannabis Seedbank

At Green Avenger Seed Company we pride ourselves on selling high germination rate cannabis seeds to our customers. If you are looking for wholesale cannabis seeds we will give you all the information you will need to keep your and our customers with the best information about the seed products that are being sold to all valued customers. 

We will give you great information on the background genetics for each and every seed that we sell to you. As a retail store owner, you will not have to play the guessing game with your customers and you will be able to back the seeds that you are selling from us.

You Get all Background Information for our Wholesale Cannabis Seeds Sales

When you buy our wholesale seeds to sell to your customers we will provide a data sheet with all the information that a customer would expect when buying cannabis seeds. We will give you the background genetics, for each strain that you buy bulk from us. 

We will also give you any medical data for each and every strain that you purchase from Green Avenger Seeds. We will also of course give you all the cultivation data with each strain as well so the grower will know the best growing practice for their new cannabis seed strain. 

Medical Cannabis information as we know is also very important to customers, this information will include what the strain is useful medically for, how much THC and CBD is generally in the strain after it is dried and harvested. Cannabis can be used to treat anxiety, depression, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy and Seizures, Glaucoma, and Multiple Sclerosis among many other illnesses. This is important information that will be provided with your wholesale seeds order.

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We Specialize in Cannabis Seeds

We only sell cannabis seeds which means that we only specialize in the sale of only the best cannabis seeds on the market today. We create our seeds with the sole purpose of providing the best weed seeds to dispensaries, hydroponic shops, smoke shops, vape shops and the many other companies we have sold bulk cannabis seeds to over the years.

See some of our strains below and we are adding new cannabis strains all the time so if we don’t have something in stock we may have a strain that is similar or we may be stocking it soon.

Popular Wholesale Cannabis Seeds that we Sell

While every customer is different and will have different tastes in strains of cannabis that they love. Below are a few of our most popular bulk cannabis seed strains that we have for sale, and have been well received by our wholesale seed customers. 

  • Canadian Sunshine Feminized Bulk Seeds – One of Green Avenger Seeds most loved strains. This strain will grow indoors and outdoors. Outside this plant will grow massive buds of very dense flowers, even outdoors! Indoors you can expect nothing but the best from this strain. Very easy for new growers to grow, we think your customers would love this strain. 
  • Stone Cold Diesel Feminized Bulk Seeds – This is a hard hitting diesel cannabis strain that will knock your socks off with the high. Any old school diesel plant that our customers love to grow and smoke. These seeds will be packed with potent buds in about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Another very easy to grow strain for new growers, and veteran growers will also enjoy growing this amazing strain. 
  • Pineapple Cookies Feminized Bulk Seeds – Your customers will be head over heels for this fruity smelling pineapple strain. This strain takes the classic cookies and crosses with an amazing Pineapple Express strain. This strain finishes in about 7 to 8 weeks of flowering and will smell of sweet pineapple with a nice cookie buzz. This strain is great for anyone to grow and you will get these quality seeds when ordering Wholesale Cannabis seeds. 

Exactly Like the ones we Sell to Customers

A photo that captures a 'Green Avenger' cannabis plant beautifully positioned on a windowsill, bathed in the soft glow of a setting sun.

All seeds that we sell wholesale are the same quality cannabis seeds that we sell to our regular customers, we do not believe in selling lesser quality seeds to anyone including our bulk seed customers. 

We currently have 10 strains for sale and you can mix and match to get your bulk order. Bulk orders can be no less than 75 seeds, however as an example you can buy 25 Canadian Sunshine25 Pineapple Cookies, and 25 Double Grape OG seeds and this would count as a wholesale cannabis seed order. It doesn’t have to be just a single string bulk order unless this is what you wish to do.

Want Even More Freebie Cannabis Seeds?

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We love to throw in lots of freebies with our regular customers, so when you buy bulk cannabis seeds you know you will receive the same respect and extra seeds. This is great because you can resell them if you wish or you can give them away promo seeds for your seed company either way it will make for happy customers. The most wholesale cannabis seeds you buy the more freebies we can work out with you to add with your order. 

This on top of the discounts you will receive for buying bulk cannabis seeds, make this a value for your business and your company. You will get more seeds that will last longer, then if you were buying 5 or 10 cannabis seeds from us. If you buy in quantities of 500 to 1000 you will be getting an even better value for your seeds. For every single seed that you buy wholesale, it will help to decrease the cost of the seeds overall. 

If your customers buying our seeds need extra help with growing their seeds you can also direct them to our Green Avenger Seeds Cannabis Growing help blog. We have lots of information on there to help them get the best results with our quality seeds.

If you are still not sold, please contact us for details on how to get the best value for our wholesale cannabis seeds.