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Tips for starting a Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Box

Start with the right tools when growing hydroponic cannabis. Get a good quality PH meter, in hydroponics it is one of your most useful things you will need. Keep your PH calibrated every week will save you a ton of headaches. Get a good EC meter to measure the total salt content in your nutrient solution. Don’t use the recommendation on the bottle. It’s always way to much, and over kill. Normally you can half it with no issues.

Make sure you have something to stop flooding, if a line gets blocked or a drain gets clogged it’s going to flood you room/tent. This will ruin your pump and your floor.

Start out with the basics first. You will find some companies will be selling bottles of this and that. Keep things as simple as you can when starting out, this will not only be helpful but will save you a ton of money.

Do your research on types of hydroponic systems, there are many of them each with their pros and cons. Find a system that works for you and your space. If you’re growing in a hot space you’re going to need to cool the nutrient solution, a cool space then you may need to warm it. These are things you will need to think about when you would like to grow hydroponic cannabis

Keeping a very close on eye on your plants. It’s not like growing in organic or soil. Things can go wrong fast. I mean like over night fast. I find there is way more checking to do in a hydro system. You need to keep on top of it everyday and be proactive to keep your system running smoothly.

Hydroponic System

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponic Cannabis system?


  • Extremely fast growth compared other growing methods.
  • Easy to regulate what is going to feed your plants.
  • Faster plant response time when an issue is corrected when something goes out of wack.
  • Much larger yeilds, compared to other growing methods.


  • Things can get out of wack much faster then with other growing methods.
  • Needs to be checked daily for issues. Many more things can go wrong depending on your hydro system. Pumps, flooding etc.
  • Doesn’t taste as good as organic.
  • Need to use chemicals that are not easy to dispose of.

Can you grow hydroponics without nutrients?

No it’s impossible to grow anything without nutrients. No different then if a human only drank water, they would eventually die of lack of nutrition.

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