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Three tips you wish you knew when starting growing cannabis

A vibrant and detailed illustration that captures the essence of a thriving cannabis garden. It shows a pair of hands nurturing a young cannabis plant with extreme care, embodying the first tip - 'Start with Quality Genetics'. The background is a collage of various cannabis leaves, subtly indicating the diversity of strains. There is a focus on the healthy green color of the plant, with a soft, sunlit background suggesting an ideal growing environment.

What are 3 tips you wish you knew when you started Growing Cannabis?

IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

This to me is maybe the most important thing when starting your cannabis grow, you want to be very proactive here at keeping bugs out of your grow. Once something like mites get in, they are extremely hard to get out. Any grower will tell you this. Things you can do are, proactively looking for bugs infestation, proactively using an OMRI listed pesticide, watching for bug damage. Doing these simple things will help you out a lot when you first start growing cannabis.

Heating and Cooling Management

This is very important overall in your grow, too cold and your going to see all kinds of issues in your grow. Things like very slow growth, nutrient deficiencies. Same goes for heat. I’ve seen whole crops of buds fox tailing and get totally ruined because of high heat in the summer. Before even starting you will have to decide if you will be able to manage temperature in your grow space. If not then it will not be worth it. Example if you grow in the attic starting in January, and you have lots of heat from the house and a heater, that would work fine. But what about the summer? How hot is that attic going to get when its 35C, very very hot, with your lights, fans, pumps, plus the ambient temperature overall. It might cost you more to cool then to just buy the cannabis.

Doing Equipment Research First

I can’t even count how many noobs I seen go to their local hydroponics store and walk out with 2 grand of equipment that makes zero sense for them. A tent that won’t fit their space; a light that is 3 times what they need for their space; a hydro setup that they have no idea what to do with; a 200 dollar PH pen for organic growing, a TDS meter for the same. I could go on all day the list is endless. Do your research before buying anything. This will save you money I promise you. Study and look for the equipment that’s right for you, not the hydro store persons pocket book.

Growing Cannabis Fan
Growing Cannabis Fan

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