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The Ins and Outs of Root Bound Cannabis

Rootbound Cannabis

Hello there, green thumb! You’re looking to grow some cannabis, right? But not just any cannabis – the best, most robust, happiest plants out there. However, there’s a little hitch in the get-along that could be causing your cannabis plant distress: root bounding. Never heard of it? No worries. We’re going to dive into this garden mischief, exploring everything from its warning signs to how to fix it. Buckle up, it’s about to get “rooty!”

Cannabis Plant being transplanted rootbount

What are the Symptoms of Rootbound Cannabis?

Imagine being crammed into a pair of shoes that are too small. Your toes would feel all squished together, wouldn’t they? Well, that’s how your cannabis plant feels when it’s root bound. It’s stuck in a pot that’s too small and just doesn’t have enough room to stretch out its roots. Poor thing!

So, how do you know when your cannabis plant is all squished up and root bound? Here are a few tell-tale signs:

Slow Growth

When your plant is root bound, it’s like trying to run a marathon in those too-small shoes we talked about earlier. It’s just not going to grow as fast as it could in a pot with more room. So, if your plant isn’t growing like you think it should, it might be feeling a little too cramped.

Yellowing Leaves

If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, that’s another sign it might be root bound. The plant is struggling to get the nutrients it needs, and the leaves are the first to show it.


A root bound plant can’t drink up all the water it needs, so it may start to wilt. It’s like being super thirsty but only having a teeny, tiny straw to drink through.

What are the Symptoms of Root Bound Plants?

Although we’re focusing on cannabis, it’s worth noting that any potted plant can become root bound. Here’s what to look out for:

Overgrown Roots

If the roots are starting to come out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, that’s a clear sign your plant is root bound. It’s like the plant’s feet are trying to escape from those too-small shoes!

Root Circling

When you pull the plant out of the pot and see that the roots are all wrapped around themselves, that’s called “root circling.” It’s like the plant is trying to make the most of the little space it has by twirling its roots around and around. Root Circling can severely affect the plants growth. It has a much more difficult time taking up nutrients from the soil. The cannabis plant taking in most of it’s nutrients at the tips of the roots. So when this happens the cannabis roots can not take in nutrients as easily.

Can Root Bound Plants Recover?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Is my plant doomed?!” But don’t worry, there’s still hope! Yes, your root bound plant can recover. It’s going to take a little bit of work and a lot of TLC, but we’ll walk you through it.

Dying Rootbound Cannabis Plant

What Happens to a Plant That is Root Bound?

If a plant stays root bound for too long, it’s like being stuck in those too-small shoes forever. The plant can become stunted, or stop growing entirely. Its leaves might fall off, and it may not be able to get all the water and nutrients it needs to survive. It is a great idea to keep your cannabis plant containers upgraded as the plant grows bigger.

What Happens if You Don’t Repot Root Bound Cannabis Plants?

You wouldn’t want to stay in those too-small shoes forever, would you? The same goes for your plant. If you don’t repot a root bound cannabis plant, it’s going to keep suffering. It may even die. Repotting is like giving your plant a pair of comfy, roomy new shoes to grow in!

How to prevent a cannabis plant from becoming rootbound?

Pick the Right Pot Size

Choosing the right pot size is like buying the right pair of shoes. You wouldn’t buy shoes that are too small, right? Same goes for your plant’s pot. Make sure it’s big enough for your plant to grow, but not so big that the plant feels lost. As a general rule of thumb, aim for a pot that’s about 2-3 times bigger than the plant’s root ball.

Regular Repotting

Repotting your plant regularly helps keep the roots happy and healthy. It’s like getting a new, bigger pair of shoes every time your feet grow. Remember, it’s better to repot a little too often than not often enough!

Root Pruning

Root pruning is like getting a haircut for your roots. It keeps them from getting too long and tangly. Just be careful not to prune too much at once, as this can stress out your plant.

Use a Suitable Growing Medium

Normal Roots on a Cannabis Plant

Choosing the right soil or growing medium can help prevent your cannabis plant from becoming root bound. Look for a medium that drains well and has a light, airy texture. This allows the roots to spread out and grow without getting all cramped up.

Remember, preventing your cannabis plant from becoming root bound is all about giving it the space it needs to grow. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing happy, healthy cannabis plants!

Should You Break Up Root Bound Plants?

Imagine if someone tried to pry your squished toes apart. It might feel good, right? The same goes for your root bound plant. Gently breaking up the roots can help them spread out and grow better. So yes, you should definitely break up root bound plants!

How Do You Break Up a Root Bound Plant?

Think of it like giving your plant a little massage. You want to gently tease the roots apart with your fingers. Be careful not to rip or damage the roots, though. Just gentle teasing and coaxing.

How Do You Fix a Severely Root Bound Plant?

For a severely root bound cannabis plant, you’ll need a larger pot and some fresh soil. You’ll want to tease apart the roots as we discussed earlier, and then repot the plant in the larger pot with fresh soil. Make sure the plant gets plenty of water and TLC in the weeks following the repotting, as it will be in a bit of shock from the change.


Cannabis Roots

What is a root bound plant?

A root bound plant is a plant that has outgrown its pot. Its roots are all cramped up with no room to grow. They may start to grow in a circle in the pot.

Can a root bound plant recover?

Yes, a root bound plant can recover. It will need to be repotted in a larger pot and given lots of TLC, but it can bounce back!

What happens if you don’t repot a root bound plant?

If you don’t repot a root bound plant, it may become stunted or die. The plant needs more space to grow its roots.

How do you fix a root bound plant?

To fix a root bound cannabis plant, you’ll need to repot it in a larger pot with fresh soil. You’ll also want to gently tease apart the roots to help them spread out and grow.

So, there you have it, all you need to know about root bound cannabis. Remember, it’s all about giving your plant the space it needs to grow. And if you ever find your plant is root bound, don’t panic! With a little bit of work and a lot of love, your plant can bounce back better than ever. Happy gardening!

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