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Supercropping Cannabis: Guide to a Bigger, Better Harvest

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Welcome! In this article, we’ll dive into the world of “Supercropping Cannabis” and learn everything there is to know about this amazing technique. We’ll answer questions, share tips, and even explore other names for this magical process. So, let’s get started!

When should you super crop cannabis?

Pinching a Cannabis Branch for Super Cropping

What are the benefits of supercropping Cannabis?

Supercropping is a simple and effective way to make your cannabis plants grow bigger and better. It’s like giving your plants a little nudge, saying, “Hey, you can do better than that!” By doing this, you can:

  1. Make your plants grow bushier and stronger.
  2. Increase the number of buds your plants produce.
  3. Make your plants more resistant to pests and diseases.
  4. Improve the quality of your cannabis harvest.

How do I super crop my Cannabis Plants?

Bending Cannabis Branch for Super Cropping

Supercropping is easy-peasy, even if you’re new to gardening. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a sturdy branch on your cannabis plant. It should be flexible but not too thick.
  2. Gently pinch the branch between your thumb and index finger, then carefully bend it to a 90-degree angle.
  3. Use a little tape or a soft tie to hold the branch in place, if needed.
  4. Wait for your plant to recover and watch it grow stronger and bushier!

When is the best time to Super Crop Cannabis?

The best time to super crop your cannabis plants is during the vegetative stage. This is when your plants are growing leaves and branches but haven’t started to produce buds yet. Supercropping during this stage will give your plants enough time to recover and grow back stronger.

When should I stop Super Cropping Cannabis?

Once your cannabis plants start flowering, it’s time to stop super cropping. This is because the focus should now be on growing those precious buds, not on stressing the plant further.

How long does cannabis take to recover from super cropping?

Super Cropping Cannabis Plants

What is top cropping cannabis plants?

Top cropping is a technique used by some gardeners to promote growth and increase yield. It involves removing the top part of the plant, which encourages the plant to grow bushier and produce more branches. This can be done alongside super cropping for even better results!

What are the tips on super cropping?

Here are a few tips to help you super crop like a pro:

  1. Be gentle – you don’t want to break the branch, just bend it.
  2. Use clean hands or gloves to prevent infections.
  3. Don’t super crop too many branches at once – give your plant time to recover.

How often should you Supercrop?

You can super crop your cannabis plants every few weeks during the vegetative stage. Just make sure to give your plants enough time to recover between each super cropping session.

Can you Supercrop cannabis too early?

Yes, you can super crop cannabis too early. If you do this, your plants may not have enough time to recover and grow back stronger. It’s best to wait until your plants are a few weeks old and have some sturdy branches before you start super cropping.

Does supercropping increase yields?

You betcha! Supercropping can increase your cannabis yields by making your plants grow bushier and produce more buds. It’s a win-win situation!

What is the difference between topping and supercropping cannabis?

While both topping and supercropping are techniques used to increase cannabis yields, they are done differently. Topping involves cutting the top part of the plant, while supercropping involves bending the branches. Both methods have their pros and cons, so you might want to experiment with both and see which one works best for you.

What are some other names for “Supercropping cannabis”?

Supercropping is also known as high-stress training (HST) or branch bending. No matter what you call it, the technique remains the same and the benefits are just as awesome!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions related to supercropping cannabis:

Is supercropping safe for my plants?

Yes, supercropping is safe for your cannabis plants, as long as you do it correctly. Be gentle when bending the branches and give your plants enough time to recover.

Can I super crop autoflowering cannabis plants?

Supercropping is generally not recommended for autoflowering plants, as they have a shorter growth cycle and may not have enough time to recover from the stress. However, you can still try low-stress training (LST) techniques to increase the yield of your autoflowering plants.

How do I know if my cannabis plant has recovered from supercropping?

You’ll know your plant has recovered when the bent branch starts to grow upwards again and new growth appears. This usually takes a few days to a week.

Can I combine supercropping with other training techniques?

Absolutely! Supercropping can be combined with other training techniques like topping, LST, and pruning to maximize the yield and quality of your cannabis harvest.

Pros and Cons of Supercropping Cannabis

Like any gardening technique, supercropping has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them:


  1. Increased yield: Supercropping can help you grow bigger, bushier plants with more buds, which means a bigger harvest!
  2. Improved plant health: By making your plants grow stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases, supercropping can improve the overall health of your cannabis garden.
  3. Easy to do: Supercropping is a simple technique that anyone can learn – no special tools or skills required!


  1. Requires patience: Supercropping takes time and patience, as you’ll need to wait for your plants to recover before you see the results.
  2. Risk of damage: If you’re not careful, you could accidentally break the branch or cause other damage to your plant.
  3. Not suitable for all plants: Supercropping works best on photoperiod cannabis plants and may not be suitable for autoflowering varieties.

Wrapping Up

Supercropping is a fantastic technique for any cannabis gardener looking to maximize their harvest and improve the health of their plants. With a little practice and patience, you’ll soon see your cannabis plants grow bigger, bushier, and more beautiful than ever before. So, why not give supercropping a try and see what it can do for your garden? As always happy growing!

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