Pine Tree Haze


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Brand new, limited offer from Green Avenger Seeds company. This is a beautiful pine scented 9-10 week haze. THC content can hit 27% in the right conditions.

You only need this much more $150.00 and we will ship with tracking for free!

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A Green Avenger Seeds strain that is from old school haze genetics. Flowering time has been reduced to 9 to 10 weeks. Extremely strong scent of pine that starts about two weeks into flowering. We do not recommend this strain for medical users. This plant is very long and lanky branches, it will need to be staked up before the start of the flowering period. This strain will stretch in flowering to about 125%. This plant will get very dense, large buds, and really doesn’t look like your typical haze plant other then the extreme stretching. We we not recommend this strain for outdoor growing in a Northern Hemisphere.

THC: 23% to 27%
Effects: Energetic, Happy, Laughing
May Help With: Depression, Partying, Social
Grow Environment: Indoor, Greenhouse

4 reviews for Pine Tree Haze

  1. budtender (verified owner)

    Seeds came super quick as per normal with GAS. Very nice looking seeds, bought this new strain after picking up some other seeds back in Oct last year that turned out pretty good. Looking forward to give these haze a shot next. Thanks

  2. quinnsda (verified owner)

    Customer service top notch and turn around on orders is amazing. I ordered and 2 business days later they’re shipping my package. Will review again after I get a chance to try out the goods.

  3. mikado840 (verified owner)

    Great strain, although it didn’t grow into as big of a plant as my others (different strains), and there’s a distinct banana taste to it, but that might be more of an issue with how I grew it than anything else. The effects are pretty potent sativa leaning high. Nice smooth smoke even without curing. Post cure is really nice. I would definitely run this again.

  4. Mike Dow (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to get going on this strain!!! I,m just waiting on the weather, to coperate, so I can put the “girls” outside in they’re new home!!! lol They should do very well, and I think the ol’ lady will love it!!! 😊

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