LA OGZZ Cannabis Seeds are new to Green Avenger Seeds, in the works for a couple of year now this fine cannabis strain will knock you boots off with it sweet tastes and beautiful smells.


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Beautiful super sticky and dense buds the LA OGZZ is an amazing cannabis plant to say the least. Has an amazing sweet and sour smell when growing and a very sweet taste when vaping or smoking. They grow to a nice light green color with many red hairs that make this plant very bright. This strain has been in the works for two years now as we selected the perfect pheno for growers. This plant will grow to about medium height and will flower in about 8 to 9 weeks to finish. Grows very well indoors, and can also be grown indoors as well. This plant is one of our favorites from the last couple of years. Green Avenger Seeds Has LA OGZZ Cannabis Seeds.


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