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Buy Double Grape OG cannabis seeds. Beautiful grape smelling indica cannabis strain. Most indica strain great for medical use. Very heavy resin production.

You only need this much more $150.00 and we will ship with tracking for free!

The frosty, dark colored nugs from Double Grape OG carry a subtle purple tint to them. The buds smell like an incense made from lemons, grapes, and other fruits.

Burning this indica-dominant (60% indica/40% sativa) cannabis plant leaves a rubbery sweet flavor on the tongue. The right grower can achieve cannabinoid levels of 25% THC.

This strain generates a killer body high, though moderate use should leave the user clear-headed and functional. It’s great for treating anxiety, insomnia, stress, and mild pain, and it’s known to instill feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

Users should anticipate dry eyes and cottonmouth from this strain. High doses may induce couch-lock or paranoia.

Beginner growers and cultivators who want an easy-to-handle strain should seek out Double Grape OG seeds or clones. This strain grows fairly fast, flowering in just 8 to 9 weeks.

THC: 19% to 22%
Effects: Calming,
May Help With: Pain, Anxiety, Depression
Grow Environment: Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time: 9 to 10 Weeks

6 reviews for Double Grape OG

  1. Emilie Cornish (verified owner)

    good experience with this seedbank

  2. Tobey C

    Top notch thanks!

  3. GreenChopper

    Few strains would like to see more new ones. What they do have and service great! Would buy again. thanks gas.

  4. BudTenderUSA (verified owner)

    Wow, for like 4 dollars per seed these could be the best deal ever! Plant were tall and nugs were stacked!! Very nice smell I guess sort of a grade smell. About 4 months from beginning to end buds! Thanks Green Avengers!

  5. mikado840 (verified owner)

    This strain has quickly become one of my favorites. The plant grew very well, very nice flowers, very productive. It has a nice sweet, grape smell, with a touch of diesel or something strong as an end note. The smoke is awesome, very smooth and sweet/tangy. The effects are very strong indica. Strong couch lock effects.

  6. Krista (verified owner)

    Great service, shipped fast & well packaged 3/3 seeds germinated

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