Banana Dream Cannabis Seeds
Banana Dream $20.00$60.00
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Cherry Bomb Cannabis Seeds
Cherry Bomb $20.00$60.00

Cannabis Seed Favor Pack


Get 15 Cannabis Seeds in this pack for the low price of $45! See details for strains!

You only need this much more $150.00 and we will ship with tracking for free!

15 Seeds X 3 Strains (5 Seeds Each Strain), 30 Seeds X 3 Strains (10 Seeds Each Strain)

Save $5 off 15 cannabis seeds when you buy Green Avenger Seeds Favor Pack. This pack includes five seeds from each of these strains. They are not mixed seeds they will all be in their own packages! All seeds are Feminized in this package.

5 – Orangetheory Seeds 

5 – Grape Punch Seeds

5 – Banana Dream Seeds

All these seeds come individually package for each order. Please check out the links above for more information about each of these awesome cannabis seed strains.


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