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When you shop for Marijuana Seeds at Green Avenger Seeds you get the best quality hand picked seeds for you cannabis garden. Our breeder has been growing and breeding amazing marijuana strains since 1993 and has an excellent track record of producing top shelf cannabis strains!

More information for buying Cannabis Seeds from Us

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Canada, United States, Europe and the United Kingdom Green Avenger Seeds would like to help you.  Are seeds are tested for germination regularly so you get fresh seeds that will start growing in two to three days. We have fast deliver times and normally ship your cannabis seeds out to you in 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. We make buying cannabis seeds as easy as possible for our customers. 

We have been shipping cannabis seeds around the world now for almost three years and know of other cannabis seedbanks that have been shipping cannabis seeds for 25 years. We have never in all these years heard of anyone getting in trouble for buying cannabis seeds. We ship our seeds in very discreet packaging, that no one will know what your package contains. We have very reasonable shipping rates to all the countries in the world, if you can’t see your country please contact us for shipping rates. We can normally can help you out with your cannabis seeds order.

Yes, if you would like to inquire about a bulk cannabis seeds order you can visit this page for more information on how to buy bulk cannabis seeds from us. 

We typically ship your cannabis seeds order in 24 hours, this is excluding weekends and holidays. Once your seed order is in the mail it will really depend on the time of year, the shipping method that you had chosen for your order and where you are in the world. Normally in Canada in the United States it will take about 5 to 15 business days to arrive at your mailbox. Please wait 30 days before contacting us for lost orders.  

All freebie cannabis will depend on how many cannabis seeds you buy on your order, most of the time the more cannabis seeds you buy the more freebie cannabis seeds you will get in your order. We reserve the right to pick freebie seeds that we have available at the time of your marijuana seeds order. 

Current we only sell cannabis seeds from our Green Avenger Seeds website. If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds from us for bulk sale please use our contact form to message us with your inquiry. We are happy to do custom bulk orders to other seedbanks that sell seeds from multiple cannabis seed vendors. Bulk order will also depend on stock that Green Avenger Seeds has on hand when you contact us. We are also able to set aside seeds from future harvest with a down payment in advance. 

Yes, we sell all our seeds at novelty seeds, this means we sell them to your for safe keeping until laws in your country change to allow for growing them. We do no condone using our seeds for any illegal use in your country. In Canada and Most US states it is legal to grow a certain amount of cannabis plants on your property. 

We are currently testing many new strains of cannabis seeds. We will be releasing new cannabis seeds for sale in fall of this years and many more in the new year. We have many new amazing strains coming out soon so please check back on our site often for new information on our latest cannabis seeds strains. 

Yes, current we do not use any regular males in our breeding programs. We feminize all our current seed stocks for only female seeds. 

Yes, currently any freebies listed on the site or used as replacements for your freebies are female cannabis seeds. When growing these seeds you should not have any male plants to remove normally. We however do not guarantee female seeds as on average out of every 100 feminized cannabis seeds or so can turn male. This is just nature trying to do it’s work and we can’t help when this happens. We recommend always checking your cannabis plants from our seeds to make sure they are female.

Sure if you would like to use our contact page to get more information on any of our cannabis seed strains we will be happy to contact the breeder, to get more information if possible. 

As a seedbank that is a few years old, we like to market our cannabis seeds competitively with other providers. We expect to provide you with the same quality of cannabis seeds, and plants, that you would expect from the larger higher priced cannabis seedbanks. Our Cannabis seed breeders pride themselves on 30 years of quality breeding work to make sure our customers get the best quality marijuana seeds on the market today, for the best seed prices on the market today!

As we don’t charge as much as most other cannabis seedbanks out there we rely on word of mouth advertising. It is very helpful you have had a good experience with Green Avenger Seeds and let our future customers know all about our seeds and seed lines. We really appreciate this gesture from our passed and future customers! 

Please visit Instagram and search for #greenavengerseeds. Or check out “Our Community” page in the footer to see our page with our highlighted customer grows. 

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