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Seedman Seeds is a well know cannabis seedbank, and many people in Canada and the United States have heard of this seedbank and maybe even have ordered from them from time to time. While Seedman Seeds is a great seedbank Green Avenger Seeds would like to invite you to check out our marijuana seedbank.

Who are Green Avenger Seeds?

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We are a Canadian Seedbank operating out of Canada our breeder has worked for many years in the cannabis industry. We ship marijuana seeds out of Canada so you will receive your seeds faster than you would if you bought them from Seedman as they are not located in Canada Cannabis seed industry. At our seedbank we also ship our seeds out discreetly taking care to package them very well for our customers, so they will receive seeds in great condition when they arrive in their mailboxes. We don’t offer as many strains as Seedman however we do offer a good selection of top notch feminized cannabis seed strains.

How is our customer service compared to Seedman Seeds?

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We take great pride in knowing we are keeping our customers happy with their seed orders. We offer different ways to contact us, including our contact page and on social media websites such as Twitter (@marijuanaseeds), Instagram and Facebook. We do our best to respond to customers are quickly as possible and to take care of their needs when shopping for cannabis seeds with our seedbank. When we receive your order it will be processed and once payment is completed, we will ship your seeds in Canada or to the United States within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

How do our Prices compare with Seedman Seeds?

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At Green Avenger Seeds seed prices are very fair and offer excellent value for your money. You can get 3 Feminized cannabis seeds with us for as low as 15 dollars plus shipping! If you happen to be looking for more feminized seed then that, we also offer packs in 5, 10 and 15 all for an excellent value. If you are looking to buy seeds in bulk to sell at your store please contact us for more information and we would be happy to work out a mutual agreement for seeds and prices. Green Avenger Seeds will look great in your most important garden of the summer.

How can your order seeds from us?

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Ordering seeds from us is easy! Just can visit our shop cannabis seeds page and select the seeds you would like to buy. Once your cart is full and you are happy with what you have selected please use the Cart to review what you have ordered, if it is correct you can use our easy checkout process and if you have any questions about your order we would always be happy to help you, to get what is right for you. We ship to larger countries and offer tracking for a very reasonable price. With communication as we process your order so you’re never left hanging on “where is my order at” in our process to serve you.

A cornucopia overflowing with cannabis buds contrasts with a modest but healthy amount in a bowl, symbolizing the comparison of value and abundance.

If you are looking for marijuana seeds in Canada and the United States that are of excellent quality with an 80% germination rate, with value pricing and are considering Seedman’s overseas seedbank. Why not check out our cannabis seed shop first to and see if there is a strain that meets your needs? If not then Seedman’s seedbank is an excellent choice to meet your needs as a marijuana seed customer.

Buying Organically Grown Cannabis Seeds from Green Avenger Seeds

Cannabis seeds in a natural setting with bees and earthworms, portraying the cycle of organic growth from seed to flourishing plant.

If you are concerned about our environment? Does it worry you when you hear about climate change?

If these are things that you think about, when buying cannabis seeds then Green Avenger Seeds is the marijuana seedbank for you!

Hands cradling fertile soil with a sprouting cannabis plant, symbolizing the nurturing essence of organic cultivation.

At Green Avenger Seeds all of our seeds are grown in 100% organic soil, using high quality made worm castings, and only using organic amendments for nutrients! We take pride in the fact that we are helping you, help our environment so we can all continue to grow this wonderful healthy plant, for many generations down the road.

For healthy and safe IPM we use organic deterrents such as Neem oil to keep control of those nasty little pests that like to invade our beautiful gardens and hurt our flowers before we have a chance to enjoy them.

A variety of cannabis plants with a map of Canada and the United States in the background, evoking the rich diversity of strains available across these regions.

At Green Avenger Seeds you can be confident that whether you’re using your seeds for your marijuana dispensary, your new legal marijuana garden or just because you love weed, that your seeds were grown with our planet in mind and for our future generations of happy cannabis growers!

Are you looking for a reputable seedbank?

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