Payment Information

Important Information

Please follow payment directions, for all payment types on the order conformation page.

Payment Types we except:

e-Transfers – Canada

Credit Cards – Worldwide, MasterCard, Visa, America Express, Discover Card

Max Redemption Payments – United States

Bitcoin & Other Coins – Worldwide, Buy Bitcoin in minutes with Debit, Paypal and CC in the USA and Canada with Coinbase.

We are currently looking for other payment providers and ways to make payments.


All payments for e-transfers in Canada can be sent to [email protected]. Please include only your order number in the notes, other wise your order will be cancelled. No matter what your question is the security answer must be “order1” with out the quotes.

Max Redemption Payments

How it works video:

Before making a transaction, a customer must first create and fund their Max Redemption account by purchasing a Max Redemption Load Pack (e-voucher).  On the first transaction, you’ll be asked to provide identity verification information for security reasons. Your personal information is never shared with any 3rd party for marketing or soliciting purposes. Creating a Max Redemption account has no impact on credit scores, nor is the information shared with any credit reporting agency. Each user is confirmed with 2-factor authentication to their mobile phone or email, so your funds are safe from unauthorized use, and remain completely under your control.

  • Visit:
  • Login or Register to setup your Max Redemption account to purchase a Load Pack e-Voucher.
  • Redeem your Load Pack e-Voucher value at participating merchant partners.

Credit Card Payments

We except MasterCard, Visa and American Express Payments with Credit Cards. You payment will be processed next day and shipped once payment has been processed. Please note the details on the order conformation page. Your CC must be activated for International transactions. Credit Card information must be correct to process your payment, otherwise we will contact you if there is an issues.

All credit card payments must be shipped to billing name/address of credit card holder. 

Bitcoin Payments

We have a build in payment system for Bitcoin and other coin payments. You can buy Bitcoin in the US using Coinbase(Preferred) Paypal, Zelle Pay, and Bank TransferOnce we receive bitcoin payment conformation for seeds we will ship your seeds.

1. Orders must be paid for in full before any goods will be shipped.

2. You will be charged in CAD (Canadian Dollars).

3. Due to currency conversion and rounding, the amount you see on the screen will usually be slightly different to the amount on your statement.

4. Customers are responsible for bank transfer charges.

5. Please note, only one discount / coupon code applies per order.

Payment Issues

If you have any questions regarding payment please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.