Our Best Indica Cannabis Strain

Are you looking for a kick butt, super strong indica strain for your medical needs? Well this is the article for you. Below we will discuss our pick for our best Medical Indica Strain that we offer. This strain is powerful, and helps to reduce chronic pain. This strain comes in at a nice 23% THC content.

Our Strawberry Fuel is an Indica strain that can really pack a Punch. Wether it be sleep help or chronic pain reduction this strain will help with both. We have been working on this strain for about 6 years now, it is a cross of a very potent Strawberry Cough and a Strawberry Diesel. This resulted in a very fuel smelling cannabis plant with a very high THC content. The smoke is a very heavy diesel favor, that hit very hard in a number of minutes. The medical user can expect a very heavy body stone and can last about an hour before needing more in more general cases.

The plant itself is easy to grow for a new medical marijuana user, and finishes in about 8 to 9 weeks however we recommend 9 weeks to get an even more medical effect from this plant. The plant has very large broad indica leaves, and is very short and stocky, we recommend topping this strain a few times starting at the third node, this will give you some extra branches to work with otherwise the plant will grow one main cola, and the yeild will be less overall.

Runner Up Indica Strain

Coming in a close second for our best Indica strains is our Strawberry Candy, this is a more of a sweet smelling strain that doesn’t have the more diesel type taste and favor.

We believe these two strains would be very helpful to medical patients, and are both quantity strains for everyone.

Happy Growing!

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