Starting Cannabis Seeds

How To Pick Cannabis Seeds

How To Pick Cannabis Seeds

Are you thinking about starting to grow your own cannabis? If you are, we are here to help you pick cannabis seeds for your gardening needs. 

With thousands of different types of seeds out there these days to choose from, how do you pick the right ones for you? We will help you pick the right ones by describing the different needs of growers when it comes to choosing their first seed strain. 

Pick Cannabis Seeds
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What type of Strain are you looking for when you pick cannabis seeds?

There are two main types of strains of cannabis and another third type we will discuss later. These two strains of cannabis seeds will be either Indica or Sativa based strains. You can get a combination of the two called a hybrid strain. Even in this case the strain will be more of one or the other as far as growth is concerned. 

Both types of cannabis strain will be discussed below.

All about Indica Cannabis Seeds

It is our opinion that indica strains are a bit easier for new grows to get started with. Some of the characteristics of cannabis indica are they are shorter, grow much denser cannabis flowers (buds) and finish flowers faster than the other two types of cannabis seeds. 

As far as using these buds they are more sedating and relaxing for users of this strain once you have fully grown and flowered them. 

If you are thinking about making hashish indica will make you more hash then other strains will.

All about Sativa Cannabis Seeds

We feel that cannabis sativa is a bit harder to grow for new cannabis cultivators. Sativa strains seeds normally grow taller, buds are not as dense, more powerful highs, and are less dense than indica cannabis flowers. 

Sativa Cannabis Strains are normally less sedating and more “on the go” kind of cannabis. Great for getting things done in the day time.

How much height do you have in your grow space

This is one very important factor that many new growers overlook when they pick cannabis seeds for the first time. Depending on which seeds you are going to pick seeds for your first grow, you will need to know if the seeds are going to stretch very tall into your lighting and kill the top buds. 

If you have a limited space height wise we recommend sticking to indica seeds, as we mentioned above this strain will stay shorter in a vegetative growth stage and in flowering. 

You could grow a sativa strain if you have lots of overhead room to spare.

Do you mind identifying female cannabis plants from male cannabis plants?

Another thing that a grower will have to address when picking cannabis seeds is if they would like to get cannabis seeds that are all female seeds or male seeds will be included.  

If you don’t want any male plants in your garden you will need to buy “feminized cannabis seeds” for your garden, if you don’t mind finding males and removing them, you will need to buy regular cannabis seeds.

Where will you be growing the Cannabis Seeds?

Many cannabis are bred for outdoor growing or indoor growing. When you pick cannabis seeds you will need to know where you want to grow them. 

Indoor Cannabis Garden

When picking seeds for indoor growing, some of the things you may want to think about are, space, lighting, heat, cold, ventilation and where you are going to put the plant. 

The cannabis seeds that you pick for your garden will have to work for all these factors. As a grower you will want to check that the seeds are bred for all these things and will grow healthy in an indoor grow environment.

Outdoor Cannabis Garden

Outdoors comes with another set of factors you will need to consider before you pick cannabis seeds. Outside the plants will have to deal with high wind, corn bores, rain, high humidity. Unlike indoors these are all factors that you can’t control. Mold is one of the biggest issues growers have to deal with outside gardens. 

For this reason you will want to pick seeds that are bred for outdoor growing.

What Terpenes do you Enjoy

Cannabis Terpenes are what will give your cannabis flowers their amazing smells. Do you enjoy cannabis that has a nice pine smell, or maybe cannabis that smells like fresh berries. Cannabis can come with all different types of smells in taste due to genetics of the plant. 

When you pick cannabis seeds you will want to look at what smells and taste you enjoy when picking your first seeds.

Pick Cannabis Seeds that are Cheaper for your first time Growing

If it’s your first time germinating cannabis seeds and you just paid $200 dollars for 3 seeds it will be a bit daunting to say the least. It would be like buying a $100,000 dollar new car and getting a giant scratch down the side of it on your first trip out.. 

Pick cannabis seeds that are not so expensive for your first time starting seeds. This is the best way to get some experience before you drive that 100,000 car for the first time!

Don’t get Overwhelmed Picking your First Seeds

In this article we have reviewed some great things to help new growers pick great seeds for their very first time growing cannabis. 

Remember there are many options when it comes to cannabis seeds out there, don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices out there for cannabis seeds. Use these tips to help you pick the right seeds for your first cannabis garden and you will have a great start to your growing.

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