Starting Cannabis Seeds

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

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Buying the right Cannabis Seeds

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Finding quality cannabis seeds for a beginner cannabis grower can be a daunting task. Finding place for cannabis seed buying involves the right strain, a good breeder, and not get scammed can take some effort and research. In this article we will help you get started and on the right path for the very start of you first cannabis grow.

Cannabis Seed Buying Research

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Start by researching the strains you would like to grow depending on your growing requirements. There are different types of seeds you can grow depending on what type of cannabis you would like to have when you finish growing. There are Regular seeds, Female seeds, autoflowering seeds. Each type of seed has different qualities. Regular seeds will can grow as both a Female plant and a Male Plant. This will mean that you will have to remove that male plants from the female plants once you determine which plants need to be removed.

Female seeds solve this problem by only growing all female plants from your seeds this way you don’t have to worry about males in your cannabis crop. Autoflowering seeds can also be either male of female cannabis seeds. Normal cannabis needs 16 to 24 hours of light to keep from budding and when you are ready to start your budding (flowering cannabis) your plants need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. When growing Autoflowering seeds they will have a set growing time normally 12 to 24 weeks. They don’t need a set number of hours of light to start budding. They will start auto flowering after approximate 6 to 8 weeks of vegetative growth.

Cannabis Seed Buying
Cannabis Seeds

Buying Quality Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds come in many shape, sizes, and colors. Your seeds should not be green and pale in color. Quality seeds will be of a darker color and may be stripped or solid in color. They should be firm when pressed and not have cracks in their shells. The older the seeds the more difficult it will be to germinate your cannabis seeds. Fresh seeds are relatively easy to start, Green Avenger Seeds recommends using the Paper Towel Cannabis seed starting method for seed germination. You can see our seed starting guide for more information on starting your seeds.

Buying the Right Cannabis Strain

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Finding that right strain for your grow will normally require a bit of research to buy cannabis seeds. Every strain has different traits that can influence the outcome of your final buds. Things like smells, growing environments, plants heights, bushiness of the plant, bud size, flowering time can all factor into what type of cannabis you would like to grow and seeds you will need to buy. There are many places on the web to look for different type of strains, find one that fits your needs. You will also need to decide if you would like to grow seeds high in THC or seeds that are high in CBD. Looking into these things can help you have a successful start to your first cannabis grow and seed selection.

Where to buy Cannabis Seeds

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When looking for seeds on the internet, you will need to look through many different seed companies to find the right one for you. You can research the many strains that each company offers, the different breeder seeds they are selling. Most companies you will find on the internet are selling many of the same company seeds selections. You will find a selection of large or mid-size breeders which these seed companies resell for a marked up price.

They typically offer a wide selection of strains to meet most people’s needs. Some even offering thousands of strains and breeders seeds. You can also go directly to the breeder’s site to buy their own custom strains of cannabis seed. They has the advantage of communication directly with the breeders are well as a better price for their seeds then a reseller of those seeds, however they typically don’t have as wide a selection for you to choose from and may not have the strain that fits your needs . Each one of these options has their advantages and disadvantages, and you will need to decide which one will work for you.

Do Your Research on your first buy

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When doing your research for cannabis seeds you would like to purchase, you always need to be aware of scammers.

These people are no different than any other scammers in any other industry, they will either sell seeds that are not able to germinate or they will take your money and send nothing in return. To keep yourself save from these traps, you can visit different review forums and search for the companies name and see what others that have used their service have to say about their value for money. Also you can search Google for said company using the company name and “reviews” in the search. This will normally bring up information about the company or breeder. Also it is a good idea to remember that just because there are no reviews for few reviews for a company doesn’t mean that that company is looking to scam you.

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The company may be a startup company, looking to start their business cannabis seed buying. If this is the case with the company or breeder you have selected, you can post a question a cannabis related forum and ask if anyone might have information on the company or have heard of them.

If not you can always take a small risk and make a small purchase of seeds the first time if they have a certain strain you can’t find elsewhere or if you would really like to try one of their strains. Make a small order of 30 or so dollars, sell if they have good customer service, a reasonable shipping time, and good communication. If they do, then you can share this with other beginners to help find cannabis seeds, just like you had done. It’s feels good to help out the cannabis community once you have completed your homework and can help someone else.


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We hope this will help you on your journey to find the perfect cannabis seeds for your first or next marijuana garden. Doing your research before your first seed purchase can save you time and money, and will help you have a great start to grow your own cannabis from start to finish. We wish you all the best with your garden and be careful out there the first time you start cannabis seed buying.

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