Harvesting Cannabis

How much cannabis can you get from growing one plant?

how much weed from one cannabis plant

As the legalization of cannabis spreads across various states, a growing interest in cultivating personal weed plants is emerging. Most legal states allow a person to grow six plants at their residence, with an entire household permitted to grow twelve. But what does this translate to in dried, smokable buds?

Legal Guidelines

State Regulations

Depending on where you reside, the legalities around the number of plants one can grow varies. It’s essential to know your state’s law, which you can check from various online resources. Many states have different numbers of legal cannabis plant you will be able to grow. It is important to check these and grow for the amount of plants you are allowed to grow. If you have a small plant count then it may be wise to grow larger plants if you are trying for the largest yield possible.

Estimating Weed Quantity

Plant Sizes

No two weed plants are the same. Many factors can affect the size and density of the buds. This will go along way to predicting how much cannabis buds you will be able to get from your one cannabis plant. With smaller plants either indoors or out, the bigger the plant the more buds it most likely will have on it at harvest time. Since growers can grow larger plants outdoors, the chances for a larger yield will increase.

Indoor Plants

Growing an indoor plant typically results in about ¼ pound of buds or roughly 115 grams. However, this figure can fluctuate depending on factors like lighting and space.

Outdoor Plants

An outdoor plant, unrestricted by space, can yield closer to a pound or more, averaging about ½ pound or 226 grams.

Harvest Process

Understanding the harvest process is vital to estimate how much weed you can derive from one cannabis plant. A weed plant’s yield is like any other crop; it needs proper care and attention. If you prefer your cannabis not as dry then the weight of your buds will be more in the end.

Duration of Use

Estimating how long one plant’s worth of bud will last depends on your daily consumption pattern. Whether you smoke a gram a day or a week can influence how long the yield from one plant will sustain you. Take what you use in a week and then use this to figure out how many cannabis plants you will need to grow, and how long between grows for the best results in calculating how much cannabis you need to grow.

Growing Environments


Indoor growth is often limited by space and light, affecting the plant’s size and subsequent yield.


Outdoor plants can grow massive, but the local climate and seasonal changes play a vital role in the plant’s growth.

Factors Affecting Yield


Certain strains naturally grow bigger and yield more. Knowing the genetics can help in estimating the possible yield.

Grow Duration

The length of time from seed germination to harvest significantly affects weed yield.

Light, Climate, Soil

Cannabis LED Lighting

These factors interplay to determine how big the plant grows and how substantial the yield will be.

Tips for Maximizing Yield

Understanding the factors that contribute to a weed plant’s yield can help you maximize it, ensuring high-quality buds.


Growing cannabis at home can be a rewarding experience, but it requires understanding various factors that affect the plant’s yield. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can estimate how much cannabis you can get from growing one plant.


  1. Can anyone grow cannabis at home? No, only in states where it’s legal, and regulations must be followed.
  2. What’s the difference between growing cannabis indoors vs. outdoors? Indoor growing is often limited by space and light, while outdoor growing allows for larger plants.
  3. Does the strain of cannabis affect the yield? Yes, certain strains naturally grow bigger and yield more.
  4. How can I maximize my yield? By understanding factors like strain/genetics, grow duration, and the environment, you can optimize the growth.
  5. How long will one plant last me? It depends on your consumption pattern. Refer to the article’s Duration of Use section for more details.

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