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Growing Cannabis Seeds From A True North Seedbank

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There are two main ways you can grow cannabis successfully. One method involves cannabis clones, while the other utilizes cannabis seeds from a True North Seedbank. In today’s post, I’ll be talking about growing cannabis seeds. In general, cannabis seeds are the better option. High-quality seeds can produce all kinds of strains and will yield some of the best marijuana crops.

But, before you start planting your seeds, you want to ensure that cannabis growth and use is legal in your country and region. Once you know it is safe to grow cannabis, consider your options. Many people in Canada choose to buy from True North Seedbank.

And, while True North Seedbank is a great vendor, there are other great sellers you should consider when choosing a dispenser for your cannabis seeds. In particular, I’ll discuss where you can buy the best marijuana seeds later on in this post. Green Avenger Seeds is a great alternative seed choice, especially if you are growing marijuana in the true north of Canada!

True North Seedbank Cannabis Seeds

Why Should You Grow Cannabis From Seeds?

A detailed illustration of a cannabis seed germination process, showing a sequence from seed to sprout. The image is divided into four sections, each depicting a different stage: a cannabis seed in soil, a seed with the first root emerging, a sprout with the first leaves (cotyledons) opening, and a young cannabis plant with true leaves. The illustration has a botanical drawing style, clear and educational, highlighting the crucial steps of germination for a healthy start in cannabis cultivation.

Generally, as a grower, you will have a much easier time getting your hands on seeds. Clones have their own strengths and weaknesses. But, in the end, growing cannabis plants from cannabis seeds can produce a stronger and more diverse crop.

Not only do cannabis seeds output more plants, but you get a much stronger taproot from seed growth. Growing options are also a lot more flexible, as you can put marijuana seeds out to grow in the spring. You can even grow seeds in more moist climates in comparison to clones.

An image showcasing a lush cannabis garden with a variety of healthy cannabis plants at different stages of growth. The garden is inside a greenhouse with a transparent ceiling, allowing natural sunlight to flood in. The plants have vibrant green leaves, with some showing signs of flowering. In the foreground, a pair of hands with gardening gloves is gently tending to a young cannabis plant, demonstrating the care and attention given to cultivation

Still, for the initial growth process, consider sprouting your seeds indoors. It is much easier to control the environmental conditions of your plant when you grow them inside. Artificial lighting and other devices can help you get the perfect growth, as well.

And, when your seeds sprout and grow large enough you can transfer them to a larger outdoor setting. But, this is ultimately up to you, as I’ll talk more about the growth process of cannabis seeds in the next part of this article!

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds: A Step by Step Guide

An image that serves as a visual guide for growing cannabis seeds, depicting a hand holding a seed between thumb and forefinger above a pot of soil, ready to be planted. This represents the first step in the process. The background shows a calendar with icons representing the subsequent steps: watering, germinating, and finally, a flourishing cannabis plant with lush leaves. This image is designed with clarity in mind, focusing on the sequential steps without any textual distractions

To grow cannabis seeds, you will have to germinate your seeds first. This is essentially where you sprout the seeds so that your plants will grow. The process of germination is not difficult to accomplish, but it does require care and patience. This is the first step of your growing process after all, and you want to ensure that your cannabis seeds are as strong and healthy as possible.

So, keep three environmental factors in mind when you begin the process of germination. Your seeds will need adequate water, the right amount of heat, and air so that they can breathe. Speaking in general terms, seed germination is a varied process. And, growers can choose to germinate their seeds in several different ways. But if you want to grow your seeds simply and efficiently, gather the following items:

  • You will need distilled water
  • Paper towels to place your seeds down on
  • Plates to keep underneath the seeds and over the paper towels

Finally, you will need cannabis seeds

What are 3 tips you wish you knew when you started Growing Cannabis?

An engaging image that captures the benefits of growing cannabis from seeds, featuring a vibrant, healthy cannabis plant with a superimposed magnifying glass that highlights the robust root system. This illustrates the strength and genetic purity that come from seed-grown plants. The image has a sophisticated, organic feel, with a focus on the plant's detailed anatomy.

Step One: Get Your Cannabis Seeds

Image captures the essence of selecting the right cannabis seed, with a hand holding a seed with tweezers. The focus on the seed with a glowing effect underscores its importance in the cultivation process.

Before you can germinate your seeds, though, make sure to buy a high-quality product. I talked about this before briefly, but cannabis seeds can be bought from various vendors. Many buyers choose to get seeds from True North Seedbank, especially if they live in Canada, as this is a well-known cannabis seed vendor.

But, there are other options out there. In particular, I will discuss our Green Avengers Seeds which can be found on our website. If you are interested in growing seeds from the true north and want to grow with the best quality, you definitely want to check our product out. You can learn more about Green Avenger Seeds in the final section of the post.

Step Two: Get Your Materials Ready

Image illustrates an organized workspace for cannabis cultivation, highlighting an array of essential growing equipment. There are pots filled with rich soil, a sleek watering can, various gardening tools, bottles of nutrients, and a grow light that bathes the setup in a nurturing glow. The composition conveys a sense of readiness and professionalism, ideal for the preparation phase of growing cannabis.

Once you have your seeds, get your other materials ready. You will need to take out four paper towels, your two plates, and your seeds. Soak your paper towels well with distilled water then put them on top of a plate.

After this, place your seeds down on two of the paper towels. Keep your seeds well-spaced. I recommend at least an inch of distance between them. Then put the other two paper towels on top of your seeds.

Step Three: Cover Your Seeds

The moment where the cannabis seeds are being gently covered with soil in a pot. The hands of a grower with clean gloves should be shown in the act of sprinkling a fine layer of soil over the seeds, which are nestled at the correct depth in the potting mix.

You can’t just leave your seeds out in the open, even if they are covered by paper towels. Cannabis seeds need a dark and slightly warm place to germinate. So, for the next step, put your other plate over your seeds. This way your germinating seeds are completely covered up.

Step Four: Check on Your Seeds and Make Sure They Are In Ideal Conditions

A hand using tweezers to hold up a perfect, healthy-looking cannabis seed against a backdrop of a blurred seedbank filled with various seed bottles. The focus is on the seed, with a glow effect to emphasize its importance.

Cannabis seeds need to be in ideal conditions to germinate and grow properly. For most seeds, you will have to put them in a space that is between seventy to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. If it is warm outside, and at the right temperature, you can let your seeds germinate outside. Otherwise, keep your seeds indoor until they are fully sprouted. Check over your seeds each day and make sure they get enough moisture. If the paper towels are drying out, spray them with some distilled water.

The wait time for seed sprouting will depend on your seeds and the condition they are in. But, you can expect your seeds to germinate anywhere from three to ten days. If you have to wait longer than two weeks, your seeds have either been mishandled or are of poor quality.

Image captures a close-up of a sprouted seed being placed into a pot with rich soil. Soft light bathes the scene, highlighting the nurturing process of cannabis cultivation.

In this situation, you will have to restart germination with new seeds. However, you can avoid bad seeds all together by getting our Green Avenger Seeds. Green Avenger Seeds have a guaranteed 80 percent germination rate, which means that most if not all of your seeds will sprout!

Once the required amount of days has passed, and you begin seeing the taproot sprout then you can start moving your seeds. The taproot is essentially the stem of your plant, and its visibility is a sign that you have successfully germinated your plant.

Step Five: Transfer Your Seeds to Soil

The focus is on a pair of hands gently placing a sprouted seed into a pot. The background shows a variety of gardening tools, suggesting the preparation involved in this step.

The next part of the seed growing process is crucial. You need to be careful and extremely gentle with your sprouted seeds. In addition, you do not want to contaminate your seeds with germs. So make sure you have washed your hands, and do not touch the sprouts directly.

To transfer the seeds you will need to prepare containers. Get a sterile planting pot that is either 1 full gallon all the way up to three full gallons. Then buy some soil from your local store and place it in the pot. You will need to water the soil a little before you put in the seed, as well.

Image showcasing a thriving cannabis plant in a sunlit room, with a person of Middle-Eastern descent carefully watering it. The scene should communicate attention to the growth process and the importance of regular care. The room has a serene vibe with a green color palette, suggesting a peaceful growth environment. In the background, there's a calendar with care schedules marked on it, and on the windowsill, various gardening tools are neatly arranged.

I would also recommend using some tweezers to pick up your sprouted seed, then start to place it in the pot. The root should be facing down and the shoot of the seed should be upward facing. Put a little bit of soil over your seed once you have it in.

If you are using a seedling tray, multiple pots, or something larger to grow many plants at once, get your containers ready with soil and water. Then, you will just place the seeds in and watch your plants grow as you take care of them. 

Step Six: Let Your Seeds Grow and Water Them Regularly

An image showcasing a thriving cannabis plant in a sunlit room, with a person of Middle-Eastern descent carefully watering it. The scene should communicate attention to the growth process and the importance of regular care. The room has a serene vibe with a green color palette, suggesting a peaceful growth environment. In the background, there's a calendar with care schedules marked on it, and on the windowsill, various gardening tools are neatly arranged.

Just like the germination period, you will have to keep your plants warm and moist throughout the growing process. Humidity is a big factor in cannabis growth. So make sure your plants are in a setting that is at least seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. And make sure the soil never gets dry.

You should be checking your plants at least twice daily. Use a spray bottle at first so you don’t drown your seeds. Then begin watering your plant more heavily once your cannabis plant really starts to grow.

In addition, make sure your seeds are getting plenty of light. Most cannabis growers recommend putting your plants on an 18 hour light cycle. This means that your seeds will get eighteen hours of light and six hours of rest.

If you are growing your plants indoors. Consider getting a LED light setup for your plants. And adjust the light exposure depending on how large you want your plants to end up.

Why Should You Buy Green Avenger Seeds in the True North?

Image depicts a vibrant, thriving cannabis garden at sunrise, with a signpost indicating the quality and origin of the plants.

Many growers in the Canada area have heard of True North Seedbank, but if you are looking to buy cannabis seeds that are truly fresh and unique, Green Avenger Seeds should be on your radar.

Our seeds are grown with care right in the true north of Canada. And, we take the time to harvest and produce the best seeds for our customers. Green Avenger Seeds is a company that has years of experience dealing with cannabis plants.

In short, our products are local, fresh, and of the highest quality. We offer a small but elite selection of seeds to growers, and Green Avenger Seeds are guaranteed to sprout lush plants. Please take a look at our website for further information. And, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Stone Cold Diesel from a True North Seedbank
Stone Cold Diesel Green Avenger Seeds

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