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Buying the right Grow Tent for your Cannabis Seeds

A detailed illustration featuring a variety of grow tents suitable for cannabis cultivation, each showcasing essential elements like ventilation and lighting setups.

So you have decided to buy a grow tent for your cannabis seeds.

Having bought a ton of grow tents over the years for my breeding programs, I have some knowledge to share with my readers about buying the right grow tent. With tents it’s extremely true you get what you pay for!

Get the right size tent

An image focusing on a perfectly sized grow tent for a mature cannabis plant, set in a home environment to highlight practical cultivation.

Getting the right size tent is very important, you want to get a tent that will fit into your space, is the tent too tall for your space? You can get tents in many sizes these days, 4X4 (in feet) is one of the most comment one for a beginning grower. They also come in other sizes like, 3X3, 5X5, 4X8 etc. You can even get ones that are set up to have a flowering room, mother room, and cloning chamber.

No Plastic Corners

An artistic representation of a grow tent in action, with a lush cannabis plant inside, highlighting key features like LED lighting and a hydroponic system.

One of the important things to look out for when buying a tent is that it doesn’t come with plastic corners. I got a couple of those in 2013-2014 and they are great if you like the plastic cracking, and your light, carbon filter crashing down on your plants in the middle of the night. Avoid 100%.

Issues with Cheap Tents

A creative and informative infographic outlining key factors to consider when choosing a grow tent, including size, material quality, and ventilation efficiency.

Most of the cheaper ones you can get on places like Amazon, are almost limitless in problems. They come with pin holes, rips from the first day. Then you start finding out that the zippers are cheap, they start sticking, locking, and ripping. When this starts to happen some of the zippers pulls will break off altogether. When this happens to me, I will use twist ties to make new pulls for them. However this is not ideal. Some of the bottoms claim to be water proof till you have some runoff. You may what to put down a good layer of plastic wrap to keep water from damaging your floor, depending on where you place your tent. Get some good ventilation as they get humid and cause mold in the tent.

Broken Cannabis Tent Zipper

Tent Temperature

An educational illustration featuring a grow tent with a sophisticated temperature control system, showing cannabis plants thriving in optimal conditions.

Temperature is something you will also have to consider when setting up your tent. The tent will only be as hot or as cold as the room that it is contained in. If your outside room is too cold, your tent will be as well. The same thing goes for heat. You must keep the room at the correct temperature or your plants inside your tent will suffer.

Should I get a Tent with Windows?

A close-up view of a grow tent with a window, focusing on the benefits it provides, such as easy plant monitoring and natural light allowance.

Many tents will come with tape to fix up and repair pinholes in the tent, it’s important to fix these up before you start to flower your plants. Light even pinholes can cause a multitude of issues, such as hermaphrodites, that will grow male flowers on your female plants. This has the potential to ruin your hold crop, with seeds in your buds.  Some tents come with “windows” to see your crop without having to open the door to the tent. I tend to avoid these, I find that no matter how good the Velcro is, there always seems to be light leaks. If you do end up with one I highly recommend that you cover it over from the inside with dark plastic or tinfoil (only use on the window as it can create hot spots in the tent).

Cannabis Tent Window0

List of most important things to consider before buying a Cannabis grow Tent

Here is my list for 2021 of the most important things to look out for when buying a tent to grow cannabis:

An illustration comparing different sizes of grow tents for cannabis cultivation, showing how tent size impacts plant growth at various stages.
  1. Strong metal corners in your tent
  2. Thick, strong fabric for your tent walls, to prevent light leaks
  3. Good reflective material inside your tent
  4. Strong metal zippers, that will not break off with years of use
  5. Try to avoid windows in your tent if possible
  6. Will hold in the smell well with a carbon filter
  7. Setup – is it easy to setup, does it comes with instructions
  8. Controlling the temperature in the tent
A detailed infographic illustrating the importance of grow tent size throughout the cannabis plant's life cycle, from seedling to harvest.

All this being said I highly recommend getting a good tent, if you have to pay more it’s worth not having all the headaches, which come with the cheap ones. I can say that it is no fun trying to repack and send back a bad one on your dime.

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