Green Avenger Seeds FAQ

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Q: Where can I order Green Avenger Seeds marijuana seeds?

A: You can order any in stock Cannabis Seeds at our online store. We do not do back orders as we feel it’s not fair to the customer. If any of our seeds are out of stock you can join the wait list for that strain on the page.

Q: What currency are your prices in?

A: All prices are in Canadian currency. All orders will be billed in Canadian Currency. You can use our handy currency converter at the top of the page to get pricing in your countries currency. 

Q: Do you offer free seeds with my order?

A: Yes we normally have free seed promos every month and holiday throughout the year. We reserve the right to pick freebies depending on current stock and demand.

Q: How fast do your orders typically ship and arrive at my door, when should I expect my order?

A: We normally ship orders throughout the week depending on order volume. We always will ship taking no more then a few days if you order on a weekend. We normally ship within 48 during the week, excluding Canadian Holidays. You will be notified though our system once we ship please allow 30 days for your order to arrive. 

Q: How can I contact Green Avenger Seeds?

A: You can either email us at [email protected] or use our Contact Page form here.

Q: Where do you ship your cannabis seeds?

A: We ship marijuana seeds anywhere in Canada, United States, Europe, United Kingdom and many other counties feel free to contact us if you would like to see if we can ship to your country. You can check out our shipping information and pricing for your country here.

Q: Do you have guarantee shipping for my seeds?

A: Yes we have to methods for guarantee shipping, one for Canada, and the United States. You can see our guarantee shipping information here. If you do not use a guarantee shipping method we do not guarantee your seeds and will not reship.

Q: Why are your marijuana seeds cheaper than other cannabis seed retailers?

A: We ship directly from our breeder this cuts out the middle man, many other cannabis seeds retailers need to mark up their breeders seeds to make a profit. In the future we may add other breeders.

Q: Do you ship Bulk or Wholesale cannabis seeds and if so how do I find out more information about this?

A: Yes, we do ship bulk and wholesale cannabis seeds you can learn more about buying bulk seeds here. We provide better prices for seeds over 50 seeds per strain.

Q: Where are your seeds shipped from?

A: All our seeds are shipped out of Eastern Canada, using Canada Post. Your order will be handed over to your countries postal service once it has arrived and you may need to check with their tracking service if you paid for a tracking service at checkout.

Q: What forms of payment to you except?

A: Currently we take e-Transfers(Canada), Credit Cards (World Wide), Max Redemption (USA), Crypto Currency (World Wide).
You can find out how to pay for your order on our Green Avenger Seeds payment page here.

Q: Do you offer a germination guarantee on your seeds? 

A: All our seeds are periodically checked for germination rates, we work hard to have all our sold seeds have an 80% germination rate when sold, normal 100% rate. If you get less than a 80% germination rate using our paper towel method please take a picture of your seeds and contact us. We will work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: What happens if my seeds don’t arrive?

A: We recommend purchasing one of our guaranteed delivery options to ensure your order is delivered. If you purchase one of these offerings when ordering your seeds we will reship one time to the same address and once more to a different address. Please do not contact us about your order till the time has expired as per shipping policy of 30 days. If you do not purchase a guaranteed shipping offer we are not responsible for shipping or lost packages. Any “shipping guaranteed” will be over turned if you do not pick shipping that also guarantees delivery of the items. 

If you have any other questions about our Seed Company or Green Avenger Seeds FAQ please contact us.