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Reputable Seedbank Green Avenger Seeds

Stop Paying so Much for seeds Green Avenger Seeds are a Reputable Seedbank that ships to the USA.

Are you having troubles finding reasonable priced cannabis seeds from a Reputable Seedbank to ship to the United States of America? Green Avenger Seeds has been there and trust me it can be super frustrating to not get ripped off looking for good seed genetics and we know how hard it is to find a good reliable seedbank to buy seeds from. Keep reading to find out why we are a reputable seedbank that ships to the United States and Internationally as well.

We hope this article will help you find Green Avenger Seeds and order from us online for all your cannabis seeds needs. Green Avenger Seeds has been in business for two years now and has been shipping cannabis seeds to the USA using our stealthily methods to keep you safe and sound when ordering from us.

Are you a new or an experienced grower of cannabis in the United States? If you are this article will take you though why it is best to order from Green Avenger Seeds if you live in the USA.

How Green Avenger Seeds grows their high-Quality seeds.

All our marijuana seeds are grown 100% organically, we take pride in keeping our communities healthy and safe and most importantly keeping the ground healthy for future generations. We do this by only using the organic methods to grow our marijuana plants and inevitably our reputable seeds that we sell to you our United States customers. All our seeds are grown in organically soured soil with organically sourced nutrients we make ourselves here on our cannabis seedbank farm. With Green Avenger Seeds, we promise you that you will receive high quality seeds.

Packaging of your seeds and Shipping your Seeds

The cool thing about receiving our seeds is that they are always shipped in a discreet envelope packaging. When your seeds arrive in your mailbox, they will look just like any other mail that you would get on an average day. There will be nothing added to the package that would alert anyone including the mail man that there are seeds inside that package. We have difference prices of shipping to meet your needs and make sure you receive you seeds price and time you would like. You can check out our shipping page for more information about our shipping methods and which one will work well for you to get your cannabis seeds safe and sound. All our seeds are packages in crushproof tubes so you know they will get to you safe and sound. In normal mailing conditions our seeds will arrive at your door in the United States in Seven or fewer days.

Types of Cannabis Strain we offer for United States seed customers.

Green Avenger Seeds offers feminized seeds to our United States customers. We have our own strains such as Canadian Sunshine, Purple Punch, Stone Cold Diesel and Pineapple Express just to name a few feminized cannabis seed strains that we offer. All our marijuana seeds are tested for quality assurance before we offer them for sale on our website. If our seeds are out of stock you can sign up for our email list to let you know when they are back in stock for sale at Green Avenger Seeds.

Free Marijuana Seeds with Every United States Order

At Green Avenger Seeds, we pride ourselves in being generous with all our customers and giving free seeds with your order not matter how much you can spend on your seeds. We care about your growing needs and know that it can be expensive to grow your own quality marijuana in the United States that’s why we want to get our customers growing cheaper and better. We love making our customers happy and know they don’t have to break the bank to get started growing their own medical marijuana. Don’t buy the same genetics for so much more money than you have to give us a try and you will be happy you became our seed customer!

Giving you different payment options to meet your needs

When you order with Green Avenger Seeds you have different ways to pay. We take Crypto payments, Credit Card Payments, and e-transfer payments to help you pay for your order easily and quickly. You just need to follow the instruction on the order page to pay us easy and simple!

Affordable Marijuana Seeds in the United States

When you check our seed product pages you may be shocked at how reasonably priced our seeds are compare to other more expensive seed dealers. Be assured that our seeds are just as good and we have quality genetics at the best prices on the internet or anywhere else you have purchased cannabis seeds. We take pride in breeding the best genetics for the best prices you will fine anywhere. If you are from the United States and looking for a reputable seedbank to buy seeds check out our website before ordering anywhere else. You may be very happy you did and have a extra few dollar bills in your pocket after for nutrients or anything else to help your marijuana plants from Green Avenger Seeds thrive!

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