Yahoo! Your very first cannabis seeds just arrive in the mail, after a week of waiting for your order. Now what do you do? Well it’s time to get started on germinating them for your very first grow! How to you do that? Keep reading and we will help guide you through getting them started and into their growing medium.

First things first, remove your seeds from their packaging and inspect them for any issues such as cracks, color, and firmness. If there are any such issues, please contact us and let us know.
After your check of your seeds, next you will what a fresh, clean glass of water. Take your seeds and place them in your glass of water. Leave the cannabis seeds in the water for 12 to 24 hours. Your good seeds that are most likely to germinate will sink to the bottom of the glass and if any of your seed stay floating they may not germinate.

After removing your cannabis seeds from your glass of water, get a plate and some paper towel. Take the paper towel and fold it up, put the paper towel on the plate and add some water to moisten the paper towel. Next add your seeds that you have just removed from your glass of water into the middle of the folded paper towel.

Use a piece of saranwrap and place it around the plate to cover the top of the plate and the paper towel, this will help hold in the moisture and help prevent the paper towel from drying out. It is extremely important that the paper towel never dry out during this process! Take your plate with the paper towel and seeds and find a warm place to put it, preferably in the dark if possible, or cover the plate with a piece of newspaper to keep the seeds dark. Find a warm spot to put the plate, top of the fridge, or a cable box works well, just be careful not to spill any water on it.

Check the seeds and paper towel once or twice a day, you will be looking for a small white tap root coming out of the seeds. Once most or all of your seeds have a tap root you will then want to, very gently remove the seeds from the paper towel taking care not to damage the tap root.

Next take the seed and place them in the rooting media that you have chosen, one of the more important things is to make sure the tap root is facing down in your medium. With the tap root facing down, the seed will push the top though you’re medium. Once they break through your medium the top will start to green up and you will need to place them under a light to avoid stretching. If they stretch too much you may have to brace them so they don’t topple over.