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The Difference between Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Regular

An artistic interpretation of a cannabis seed being split open, revealing symbolic representations of feminized and regular seeds.

Are you not quite sure what type of cannabis seeds to buy for your marijuana garden? Not sure what the difference is between Feminized Cannabis Seeds, and Regular Cannabis Seeds? In this article we will review the main differences in these two types of seeds and also review the type of seeds that we sell here at Green Avenger Seeds.

How are cannabis seeds produces naturally.

Cannabis is predominantly dioecious, with staminate “male” and pistillate “female” flowers occurring on separate plants. A plant that is not ready to produce is what we call a vegetative cannabis plant. The plant can be kept for many years in this state. To do so the plant must have either natural sunlight or artificial light for 18 hours a day, and 6 hours of darkness, although the six hours of darkness isn’t necessary. In the vegetative stage the plant will grow mostly leaves and stems, nodes(the junction between the stem and the branches). 

In nature when the summer solstice happens the days start to become shorter till we reach the winter solstice. Over the summer and fall as the days become shorter, the plants will start to switch into the flowering (reproduction) stage of their lives. This happens for most cannabis plants when there is an equal 24 hour period of  light and darkness. 

Now the plant will stop the fast production of leaves and stems and switch over to producing calyx and stigma. You will first notice these like little white “hairs” growing out of the top of each branch, this normally happens 2-4 weeks into the flower cycle. At the same time any plants that are male will also start to flower. You will notice the differences in the flowers of each type right away. The males will have tiny “balls” grow out of the same spots at the females are going their flowers discussed above. At this point you will know which plants are female and which plants are male in nature. 


Now about 4-6 weeks into flowering the male “balls” will start to open up, releasing pollen. The pollen get blown in the wind to the female cannabis plants, once pollen makes contact with the female stigma, the stigmas will start to wither over the next few days. The female plant has now been fertilized to create seeds in the calyx. In nature the female plant will now start to produce seeds. This process normally takes about 4 to 5 weeks to create a viable seed.

Female Cannabis Flowers Close Up
Female Flowers Close Up
Male Cannabis Flowers Close UP
Male Flowers Close Up

Now once the plant has finished it’s growing cycle, it will start to die and dry up, and the seeds will drop to the ground. Over the late fall and winter the seeds will either stay under the plant for next season, or they maybe moved buy animals or birds. In the spring this will start the process all over for another season.

What are “regular” seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are what we have discussed in the previous section. They are seeds that are produced using a female and male plant. When you grow these seeds, you will have approximately 50/50 percent male and female plants.  If you would like only female plants for your medical use, then you will need to watch and remove male cannabis plants from your crop to produce seedless cannabis.

What are “feminized” seeds?


Feminized cannabis seeds are created only using female marijuana plants. To create feminized seeds the male is out of the picture for the seed process. A female cannabis plant is taken in the grow room to use as a “male” plant. This female plant is used to create male flowers this is referred to as reversing of the female plant. The plant is sprayed with a type of chemical (there are a few different types) that blocks the female plant from producing female flowers like they do in the wild. After a couple of weeks the female with start to produce male flowers. Now the process is the same as the wild again and the reversed female plant will pollenate all the other females that have not been reversed. Now, because there is no real male plant , the created seeds will be missing the male chromosome. Now when the seeds from this process are planted they will all be female seeds. This is what we refer to as a “feminized seed”. 

If you are in search of feminized cannabis seeds to purchase please use this link. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Can you tell the difference between female and male cannabis seeds?

Photo of a mature cannabis plant displaying prominent female characteristics alongside another plant showing neutral or regular traits.

Currently there is not way to tell the difference between male and Feminized Cannabis Seeds cannabis seeds buy looking at them. There are test kits that can be purchased that can identify the two different types of seeds.

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