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How Much Does It Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds?

What goes into the Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds?

So how much does it cost buying cannabis seeds? In a world with so many Cannabis Seedbanks it is not always easy to find the best priced marijuana seeds to buy. If you have purchased gardening seeds in the past for like 10 seeds in a packet, you will most likely be surprised how expensive it can be to buy cannabis seeds.

Even though countries have legalized cannabis, seed still seem to be more expensive and harder to find these days.

Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds
Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds

Things that Influence how the Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seed prices can be different depending on which seedbank you visit. There are many factors that go into pricing cannabis seeds we will review these factors below.

Legal Restrictions and Risks

Growing many plants as breeders need to do this work is very risky in most countries. In order for cannabis breeders to do their work, they need many different types of plants. A marijuana breeder will need, many mother plants, many father plants (If breeding regular cannabis seeds). Each breeder will also need many clones for growing seeds from their prized cannabis plants.  They will also need clones that they keep for producing hybrid backcrosses to create quality cannabis strains for the customer.

This can add up to crimes for growing seeded cannabis in most countries, and even in legal countries were the marijuana breeder do their work. Breeders also need to grow many “Tester” cannabis plants in order to evaluate the strains they are working on and potentially releasing to the public.  These all factor go into the cost buying cannabis seeds.

Production Cost of Growing Seedy Cannabis

Growing cannabis seeds indoors is getting very expensive with the price of energy going through the roof these days. This heavily contributes to the cost buying cannabis seeds. For all those clones, mothers, father plants, and seed plants it can get very expensive to run lights. Some breeders also have to heat their cannabis grow room as well in the winter months, adding more to the cost of their breeding work.

Good Cannabis Breeders also have to work hard at testing their new strains to make sure they are preforming up to expectations before they can sell the seeds to the public. This requires more space and time, and most importantly energy for their breeding work.

Buy Expensive Cannabis Seeds
Expensive Cannabis Seeds

Seed Stocks and Demand for the “Next Big Thing” factors into the Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis seed market is always after the “next big things” when it comes to buying cannabis strains everyone wants that new strain, the customer wants it yesterday not today! It can be very expensive for marijuana breeders to acquire these genetics to work with. Once they acquire the genetics it can take months or even years to grow them, stabilize them and finally test them for customer standards.

When this testing is completed and the strain is ready for market, it will most likely no longer be the “next big thing” in the cannabis seed market. This is very much time and effort for the breeder to do for the customer. The breeder then after all this time, work and energy sell the hard work at a discount to cover all the costs of these things.

Seeds that win Awards and Supply and demand

Another factor that can impact the cost buying cannabis seeds is if the strain has won an important award at something like a hemp or cannabis cup. If a seed strain has just won and award of some type this will drive up the demand for these seeds in the market. When you have a great demand for a certain strain, supply for these seeds is reduced.

When the supply is reduced the prices of these seeds are driven higher in the market. This is really no different then any other market with supply and demand. This also comes into play when there is a popular cannabis strain on the market in any particular year.

How Genetics Factor into Cost Buying Cannabis Seeds?

Some breeders have plants that contain genetics that are very rare and hard to come by. Once they place these plant genetics on the market the prices can get driven up. Growers want the best potency, fastest growing, and most beautiful plants they can get. Many customers that grow cannabis know the value of quality genetics and will therefor pay more money for these genetics.

You can think about this like buying houses, if you by an old broken down one bedroom house, you can expect to pay less for it. Likely wise if you buy a 50-room house with an ocean front and a pool you will expect to pay far more to acquire it.

This is not always true as some breeders will raise the price of seeds to make them seem like the best ones out there buy sometimes you can get just as good of seeds at a cheaper cost with a little time and research.  

Many growers also are looking for different types of cannabis seeds, like Feminized Cannabis Seeds or Regular or Autoflowering. These things can also impact the cost buying cannabis seeds.

The Actually Price of Cannabis Seeds

The price of cannabis seeds is all over the place, depending on strain, seedbank, and breeders. Seeds can run you anywhere from a few dollars per seed to hundreds of dollars per seed. We suggest that you look shop around like the old saying goes. You can read reviews, and look at other seedbank customers feedback to get the best prices and cannabis growing results.

Green Avenger Seeds has Great Seed Products and the Best Value

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