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Cool things you can do with Cannabis Trimmings

Photo of a pair of hands holding a small pile of cannabis trimmings, with visible trichomes sparkling like tiny crystals against the green leaves. The background shows a blurred array of homemade cannabis-infused products such as balms, oils, and edibles, suggesting the variety of uses for trimmings. The image is vibrant and detailed, capturing the viewer's attention with the potential of cannabis trimmings.

The trimmings, often overlooked, are hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed. Cannabis trimmings are the leaves and small stems snipped off the buds during the trimming process. While they may lack the iconic appeal of buds, trimmings are far from being mere by-products. This article aims to shed light on the myriad of cool ventures you can embark upon with cannabis trimmings, turning what seems like waste into wealth.

Photo of a diverse range of fresh cannabis trimmings neatly spread out on a clean wooden surface, ready for processing. The trimmings are vibrant green with visible trichomes, and there are various processing tools like scissors, gloves, and glass jars arranged around them. The image is bright and detailed, optimized for web use with clear focus on the textures and colors of the cannabis leaves.

If you’re a cannabis grower you will understand that you always in every grow will have many cannabis trimmings, from trimmed leaves, stems, branches and used roots. You don’t need though these things in the trash. There are many cool uses for marijuana trimmings. In this post I will give weed growers some really cool ideas on how you can re-use anything that comes from your cannabis plants. Even your vape leavings!

Remember, if your trimming has any bugs on them then you will want to make sure they are destroyed and not re-used in anyway in your garden.

Cannabis Timmings
Pile of Cannabis Timmings

Use your cannabis trimmings as mulch

Illustration of a cross-section of soil layers showing cannabis trimmings on top as mulch. This detailed drawing should depict the various layers of soil, roots, and the protective layer of trimmings, emphasizing the ecological cycle within cannabis cultivation.

Everyone that grows marijuana will have cannabis trimmings. Once you have taken your trimmings from the plant take them and put them in a cool dry location. Once the trimmings have dried take them and cut them up with your scissors into small pieces. You can use all the stems, and leaves for this no need to leave anything out.

Next take all the chopped up dry weed trimmings and put them around the plants in the pots or outdoors. Create a layer about 1 inch to 1 ½ inches thick around your cannabis plants. This will be your new mulch for your cannabis.

Benefits of a Cannabis Soil Mulch around your plants

Photo of a vibrant pile of fresh cannabis trimmings being used as mulch around a healthy cannabis plant. The mulch is rich in color, contrasting with the dark soil, indicating a natural and organic cultivation method.

All those trimmings that you took from your plant that are no longer needed are full of the same nutrients that the same plant you took them from will need to keep on growing. Once you dry them and add them around the plant, they will start to break down right away into the top of the soil. They will break down into the very same nutrients that were used to grow the trimmings.

The new cannabis mulch will also serve as a cool spot for beneficial microbes to live under. These microscopic little guys will help break down the trimmings and feed your plants. They also help the roots find and use the nutrients that are breaking down on top of your plants.   

Make a high nitrogen Fertilizer with cannabis trimmings

Illustration of a vibrant, green liquid fertilizer bottle with a clear label that reads 'High-Nitrogen Cannabis Fertilizer'. The liquid inside is visibly teeming with nutrients, and there are illustrated cannabis leaves and trimmings around the bottle, showcasing the source of the fertilizer.

Put your marijuana trimmings in water and make an awesome nitrogen rich fertilizer for your plants. That all the trimmings you have, no need to dry them and put them in a large buck with no holes. Next poor chorine water to fill the bucket completely full. Now for the easy part. Just let the bucket with the water and all your cannabis trimmings sit for a couple of weeks. What will happen is all the bacteria in the water and bucket will start to break down the old trimmings in the water and the nitrogen rich trimmings will start to release their nitrogen into the water over the next couple of weeks. After the two weeks are up take the bucket and strain out the water, it will be a green color and kind of smelly. This is ok, just don’t get any on your buds. (Especially if you will be using them for baking or oil) You have now created a organic high nitrogen rich cannabis fertilizer for your plants. Water it into the plants well and watch them take off with new growth!

Home Made Organic Grass Fertilizer for Weed
Cannabis Leaf Tea

Use the trimmings in Smoothies, Salads, or Teas

Photo of a freshly blended green cannabis smoothie in a clear glass, garnished with a sprig of cannabis leaves on top, set against a modern kitchen background with soft lighting, highlighting the healthy, vibrant color of the smoothie.

Cannabis leaves are extremely healthy for your diet and you can use them in many cool ways for food. You will want to remove the stems if you are using them in salads unless you like crunchy salads. You can add them in just like lettuce only cannabis leavers are much healthier than lettuce. For smoothies just take all your leaves and stems and add them to the blender. We find it best to add in some fruit to help if it tastes a little bitter. Cannabis is a very healthy plant to eat and this is a cool way to use your cannabis trimmings!

Illustration of a colorful salad bowl filled with various greens including cannabis trimmings, highlighting the trimmings with a subtle glow to show their importance, placed on a rustic wooden table with a pair of wooden salad servers beside the bowl.

Add the Dried Trimmings to the Worm Bin

A close-up photo of a well-maintained worm bin, with visible layers of rich, dark soil and dried cannabis trimmings being added to it. The image captures the texture of the composting material and the vibrant, healthy look of the worm environment, suggesting a sustainable cycle of cultivation and recycling. An illustration of a pair of hands gently spreading dried cannabis trimmings over a thriving worm bin, set against a backdrop of a lush cannabis garden.

If you’re looking for a fast way to compost weed trimmings looking into a worm bin and a worm farm is a fast way to get your old trimming back into your pots to feed your new crop of weed. Worms will eat the trimming then just like humans will poop them back out, the best part the worm poop smells fresh and earthy. Worm castings are called gardeners gold and are full of nutrients and beneficial bacteria. The worms will break down the cannabis trimmings quickly and then they can be used right away to promote strong and healthy plant growth.

Make sure to Dispose of your Cannabis trim responsibly

Photo of a compost bin partially open with cannabis trimmings visible, symbolizing responsible disposal. The bin is situated in a garden environment, surrounded by thriving plants. There is a clear focus on sustainability, with a visible cycle of growth and composting, as if the garden is being nourished by the cannabis trimmings.

If you’re growing commercially, it will be hard to get rid of all your vegetative cannabis waste. If you can try to compost as much as you can without putting it in the land fill. If you are home grower look into creating a hot compost pile with all your vegetative cannabis trimmings. You can easily create a pile of your cannabis clipping and in a few months of hot composting you will have a ton of awesome compost for your marijuana garden.

Cannabis Left Over Timmings
Cannabis Left Over Timmings

Using your flower cannabis trimmings

Photo of a close-up view of freshly trimmed cannabis flower trimmings spread out on a sleek, dark wooden surface, highlighting the various shades of green and the sticky trichomes visible on the edges. The lighting is soft and warm, casting a spotlight effect on the trimmings to draw attention to their detail and quality.

Cannabis flower trimming (also called “sugar leaves”) contain all the different cannabinoid that are in your cannabis flowering buds. The only real difference is that they are just in smaller amounts. You can use them to help fill your extra-large joints, make some awesome psychoactive butter, oil and use them in cooking.

Our Cannabutter Recipe

Photo of homemade cannabutter in a glass jar, with a creamy, rich texture visible through the clear glass. The jar sits on a rustic wooden kitchen table, surrounded by cannabis leaves and a whisk to suggest the process of making cannabutter. The background features a warm, softly lit kitchen setting, giving the image a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
  • Use a Decarboxylator to remove the cannabinoids from your sugar cannabis leaves
  • Add your butter, water and the decarboxylated sugar leaves to a pan and simmer all of this on low heat for 4 to 5 hours. You can stir occasionally to mix everything up.
  • Let Everything cool off for an hour or so.
  • Drain the mixer into a large bowl using a strainer and cheese cloth.
  • Squee out the excess butter using a spatula.

Once you have removed as much Cannabutter as you can then put the butter into your fridge and let it cool till it is harder. Put your new cannabis butter into the fridge in an air tight contain. Use this for cooking when a recipe calls for butter you can use your Cannabutter as a replacement.

Bonus Things to do with Cannabis Trimmings

Illustration of a pair of hands gently holding a collection of vibrant green cannabis flower trimmings, with a clear focus on the texture and natural beauty of the leaves. The background is a soft, blurred garden setting that suggests a connection to nature and cultivation. The colors are rich and saturated, creating a lively and engaging scene.

1. Hash Making:

The cannabis trimmings are often rich in trichomes, the tiny, crystal-like structures housing cannabinoids and terpenes. You can utilize trimmings to make hash, a concentrated form of cannabis, through methods like dry sifting or bubble hash extraction.

2. Cannabutter and Oils:

Why not venture into the realm of edibles by using your trimmings to concoct cannabutter or cannabis-infused oils? These can serve as the cornerstone for an array of cannabis-infused delicacies, propelling your culinary explorations to euphoric heights.

3. Tinctures:

Steep your trimmings in alcohol to create cannabis tinctures. Tinctures are a discreet and precise way to consume cannabis, offering a long shelf life and a wide range of use from sublingual administration to being a zesty addition to your beverages.

4. Topicals:

Delve into the world of skincare and relief by transforming your cannabis trimmings into balms, salves, or lotions. The therapeutic potential of cannabis topicals extends from soothing sore muscles to nourishing the skin.

5. Tea or Cannabis-Infused Drinks:

Imagine a chilly morning warmed by a hot cup of cannabis tea brewed from your trimmings. Cannabis trimmings can be used to create relaxing teas or other infused beverages, offering a mellow, prolonged effect.

6. Juicing:

Juicing fresh cannabis leaves is a trend catching on for its purported health benefits. While it won’t get you high due to the non-psychoactive nature of raw cannabis, it’s believed to be rich in beneficial cannabinoids in their acidic form.

7. Composting:

Give back to Mother Earth by composting your cannabis trimmings. Composting is an environmentally friendly way to repurpose organic waste, enriching the soil for your future cultivation endeavors.

8. Artistic Endeavors:

For the creatively inclined, cannabis trimmings can be dried and used in artistic creations such as resin jewelry, decorative arrangements, or even as a quirky addition to your home décor.

9. Mulching:

Utilize your cannabis trimmings as a natural mulch to deter weeds, conserve soil moisture, and foster a conducive environment for beneficial microorganisms in your garden.

10. Pet Treats:

With a cautious approach and veterinary guidance, explore the possibility of creating CBD-rich treats for your pets from cannabis trimmings to potentially alleviate ailments like anxiety or joint pain.


Illustration of a step-by-step process of turning cannabis trimmings into a safe herbal blend. The first panel shows hands sorting the trimmings, the second panel illustrates the drying process with trimmings spread on a mesh screen, the third panel displays the grinding of the dried trimmings, and the final panel shows the finished product in a sealed glass jar.

Cannabis trimmings are an embodiment of the adage, “waste not, want not.” By recognizing and harnessing the potential vested in these trimmings, you not only elevate your cannabis cultivation journey but also step into a realm of endless, exciting possibilities. From enhancing your culinary exploits to embarking on artistic projects, cannabis trimmings open up a world brimming with creativity and exploration

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