About Our Cannabis Seeds Promos

All seed promos are updated monthly so remember to check back at the first of the month for new promos!

Each month we give different free cannabis seeds depending on the amount a customer orders (not including coupons). Customers can only get one order per month of free seeds, and can include sale items. You will receive each tier as you spend that amounts above on seeds in your shopping cart. 

For example: you spend $100 dollars on seeds, you will receive 3 free seeds from the first tier, 3 free seeds from the second tier, and 3 free seeds from the third tier. If you spend $125 you will receive the forth tier, etc. 

Spend amounts do not include coupons. If you do not see your free seeds in your cart please check that you do not have a discount coupon applied to your order.

All free seeds will be added to your cart automatically, if you do not see them in your cart it may be either because you have already used the free selections for the month (one per customer per month) or there is a issues and you should contact us. 


Spend the amounts below for these free seeds. All seeds will be added to your cart automatically. (All prices in Canadian Dollars)

Stone Cold Diesel Cannabis Seeds


Stone Cold Diesel

Banana Dream Cannabis Seeds


Banana Dream

Orange Theory Cannabis Seeds

SPEND $100

Orange Theroy

Pineapple Cookies Cannabis Seeds

SPEND $125

Pineapple Cookies

Chocolate Wedding Cake Cannabis Seeds

SPEND $150

Chocolate Wedding Cake

We reserve the right to limit free seeds if we believe that the customer is not using the promos in good faith. 

Customers can use free promos once per month, per customer, per address. 

We reserve the right to refuse any customer for any reason and cancel their order with us, without notice or reason.