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Difference between Recreational Marijuana Seeds and Medical Seeds

Buying your first seeds and difference between Recreational Marijuana Seeds and Medical Marijuana Seeds?

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Are you interested in buying medical marijuana seeds but you’re not sure which seeds to purchase this year in 2021? In this article we will discuss the difference between Medical cannabis seeds and recreational cannabis seeds and how to find them for your new hobby.

Has your US State or Canadian Province just legalized medical or recreational marijuana and you’re looking for seeds to start your new grow? Learning about all the different types of seeds can be difficult when you’re a new marijuana plant grower. In this article I review the difference in types of seeds you can buy on the internet and where you can get them from.

Buying Medical Marijuana Seeds for the First Time

When starting out as a Medical Marijuana patient and a new cannabis grower, one of the first things you’re going to need is quality cannabis seeds. You may search Google™ and get a list of hundreds of companies all over the world, some selling hundreds of types of seeds. Doing these types of searches can be daunting to say the least, when you’re looking for seeds for the first time.

  • What do I need?
  • What are fair cannabis seed prices?
  • How long will they take to ship them to me?
  • Where are they located in the world?
  • Can I buy cannabis seeds locally?

As you can see from the list of questions, if you’re a new medical cannabis grower it can be endless at best. Have no fear Green Avenger Seeds is here! We would like to help you figure these things out before dishing out money and perhaps getting a boat load of disappointment. We want to get your medical marijuana grow started on the right foot.

Picking your Medical Cannabis Seed Company


The first things you will notice when you start your journey, with a new seed search is just how many seed companies there are out there right now. There are so many of them it can make it tough to know which one you should pick for your new endeavor. This is where your research will be very important.

  • What are some of the things you will need to look for when selecting this new seedbank for your first purchase?
  • How long has this weed seedbank been in business?
  • Is this seedbank you’re looking at still in business?
  • How much will shipping be?
  • Do they even have the strain I am looking for as a recreational or medical customer?

You will need to do research on the difference types of seeds out there right now to buy. The three main ones right now are Feminized, Regular, and Auto seeds.

Asking the Cannabis Community about Medical Marijuana Seeds


Some of the best ways to answer these questions is to ask people in the community about the seedbank, most people will be more than happy to help you out when picking a marijuana seedbank. You can use things like the Wayback Machine website to search and see how long the site has been in business for. A great way to find out if the site is still in business is to contact the medical weed seed business in question to see how quickly they respond to your question, you can ask something simple like, “What are your best medical marijuana strains? How long they take to get back to you, or if they don’t get back to you will be very telling about what you can expect when you order from them. Make sure to use their main channel of communication. Try doing a search on Duck Duck Go and look for customer pictures of the seedbanks strains they offer or have recommended to you, this should give you a good idea of what to expect in your finished medical marijuana plants.

New Medical Marijuana Growers


One of the best things a new medical marijuana grower can do is buy their weed seeds locally. Search online and see if there are any local seedbanks that you can support, then use the information above to check them out. If this isn’t possible don’t worry there is most likely a seedbank that will ship to you.

With most online seed companies, you are able to find out where they are located by checking out their contact us page, or maybe the companies about us page. This is helpful to find out if you will need to import your seeds across a boarder that may be an issue in some places in the world.

At this stage in your medical marijuana seed search hopefully you now have a few good seedbanks you are interested in buying your marijuana seeds from. Check out what strains they offer, if the seedbank helped you with your seed question you sent earlier, you can look at some of their medical or recreational seed suggestions they have offered. Check to make sure they are in stock at one of these places you would like to place your order. If they are in stock, start to check prices, buy referencing their strain prices with other sites. Are the prices fair compared to other medical marijuana seedbanks? If not keep doing your research till you find a bank with a fair and reasonable price for the strain you would like to buy. 

What to do Now?


Great you are now well on your way to making your first Medical or Recreational marijuana seed purchase after putting in some good research about seedbanks.

Next comes the buying part of your new medical seeds buying journey on your way to your first cannabis grow room!

What types of payments and shipping do they offer you, or do they allow pick-ups in your area if they are a local weed seed company? This will be very important for your next step to actually get your seeds for the new medical garden. Most places offer different prices for shipping, and shipping speed. Normally the more you’re willing to pay for shipping the faster the seeds will end up in your mailbox which is the ultimate end goal. What can I use to pay for my new seeds will be the next important step to buy your seeds? What payments can the company take? Most seed company’s main issue is finding ways to except customer’s money. Major payment companies like PayPal™ and Square™ will treat cannabis seed companies very poorly, even shutting down their accounts and stealing their money at times. Unfortunately there are also individuals out there that have some sad moral issues and help them shut a company payments system down even when it is not illegal.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds?


Lucky for all of us, seedbanks can take payments in other ways such as Bitcoin and Money Order and some will take Credit Card payments these days. This is something you’re going to need to know before placing your new order. Do you know how to use Bitcoin? If not it’s going to be a roadblock to getting your seeds to your new recreational or medical grow. However in the last few years it has become much easier to buy and use bitcoins for cannabis seed purchases. Places like Coinbase make it quick and easy to get bitcoins to buy your new seeds in just a few minutes of your time.

What are the differences in these Cannabis Seeds?


Now that you have bought your weed seeds, you are probably wondering is there any difference between medical and recreational seeds? Well the answer to this is, not really. When it comes to seeds, most of what you as a customer are looking for is medical types of strains and if they are high in CBD or THC or both. What are you looking to treat medically? Are you treating anything medically at all, or are you using cannabis for enjoyment only? There really is no difference when it comes to medical seeds, many people buy recreational seeds that have medical properties once they are fully grown. On the other hand many people buy recreational seeds to grow for medical reasons. When you are in your first search for seeds your main purpose will be to find strains high in either CBD or THC, and seed type (Feminized, Regular or Auto Seeds) that fit your needs as there really is no difference when it comes to medical vs recreational cannabis seeds purchases.

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