Buying Cannabis Seeds California

Buying Cannabis Seeds California
Buying Cannabis Seeds California

Green Avenger Seeds makes buying cannabis seeds in California simple and easy for our customers that live there. We grow quality seeds for all environments including the beautiful state of California, United States. 

California has been way ahead of the game when it comes to legalizing cannabis in the United States and the first time they attempted to legalize cannabis was way back in 1972. Sadly the legalization ballot did not pass however it was just the start of legalization attempts in the US state.

Medical Marijuana Legalization California

California went on to legalize medical cannabis in 1996 under the Compassionate Use Act. This made California the first state in North America to legalize medical marijuana. It then took 20 years of working towards legalizing recreational cannabis in the state in 2016 for the first time under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This act passed with much support in the state. This gave local jurisdictions in the state to decide on their own guidelines and regulations. However many just used the state wide policies that were implemented.

Should I get a Medical Marijuana Card in California?

If you are in need of medical maijuana in California or if you use cannabis for a medical condition and you are under 21 years of age we recommend getting a medical cannabis card. Having one of these cards in California will allow people from California to also grow and store larger amounts of cannabis. For Example you can grow 12 plants at home with a medical marijuana card in California.

Our Favorite Cannabis Seeds for California

If you are looking for cannabis seeds in california we have some great strains, remember all our strains are priced in Canadian Dollars so you will save even more money on your seeds when buying seeds in the United States. 

Here are some of our favorite strains, they all will grow very well in California. They will grow really stacked buds. Green Avenger Seeds has been creating premium strains for years. We love to see craft cannabis growers using our seeds and you can even buy our cannabis seeds in California in Bulk, learn more at this link.

It’s easy Buying Cannabis Seeds in California With Us!

Buying Cannabis Seeds in California is as easy as sitting down at the computer to place your order. We take Credit Cards in California for seeds as well as crypto currency. You can visit our payment and ordering pages to see how easy it really is to order your first seeds from Green Avenger Seeds. Our shipping happens very quickly before you know it your order is in the mail and then in your hands!

Is Cannabis Legal in California?

As more and more states in the USA legalize cannabis, California has to legalize marijuana in the state. If you are 21 years or older in California you can use recreational cannabis legally. As a California citizen you can possess, process, transport and share up to an ounce of cannabis in public. You can use six cannabis seeds in California and grow up to six cannabis plants on your property. If you want to grow the best seeds you can get, give Green Avenger Seeds a try and order today!