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Buy Cannabis Seeds Michigan

Buy Cannabis Seeds Michigan

If you are looking for cannabis seeds in Michigan, United States we stock quality cannabis seeds at Green Avenger Seeds. All our seeds are fresh and have a germination guarantee when customers purchase them. We have feminized cannabis seeds that are as cheap as $2.00 per seed.  We have fast shipping to Michigan and have several different shipping options to meet the needs of our Michigan customers.

Favorite Cannabis Seeds for Michigan

Bulk Cannabis Seeds

At Green Avenger Cannabis seeds we have a great selection of Wholesale cannabis seeds. You can shop with us for bulk cannabis seeds in Michigan for your vape shop, hydroponics shop, dispensary, or anywhere else that you have marijuana seed customers. You can use our Contact page to contact us on purchasing a bulk seed order. We offer discounts starting at a 75 seed order. All our seeds come with information on the stains both medical and recreational.

Click here to learn more about buying wholesale cannabis seeds from Green Avenger Seeds.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Michigan

an image that captures the concept of buying cannabis seeds in Michigan. It combines the lush landscapes of Michigan with elements of cannabis cultivation, showcasing the state's environment as an ideal backdrop for growing cannabis.

In 2018 an initiative to legalize cannabis in Michigan passed with 56% of voters voting yes. Since people were able to start to buy cannabis seeds in December 2019. Michigan residents are able to process up to 2 ½ ounces of cannabis in public, 10 ounces at home and you can also grow 12 marijuana seeds. Or otherwise 12 plants in a private residence. It is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Michigan. 

Medical Cannabis in Michigan

image shows a person planting cannabis seeds from 'Green Avenger Seeds' in a Michigan landscape, capturing the hands-on experience of starting cannabis cultivation in a natural outdoor setting.

Consumer legalization of medical cannabis happened in Michigan in 2008. Patients with medical issues could have up to 2 ½ ounces if they had approval from a licensed doctor in the state. In 2013 the Supreme Court said that medical marijuana dispensaries were illegal in the state. There were about 100 operating in the state at the time. In 2016 the Michigan Governor signed bills that would allow for medical cannabis dispensaries to operate in the state once again. This also included a 3% tax on all medical cannabis sales.

Medical Cannabis Seeds in Michigan

image depicts a lush cannabis garden in Michigan, representing the successful growth of cannabis seeds from 'Green Avenger Seeds.' It showcases a variety of healthy, flourishing cannabis plants, set against Michigan's natural beauty, celebrating the success of cannabis cultivation in the state.

All our strains at Green Avenger Seeds can be grown by medical cannabis patients in Michigan. We have a nice selection of medical cannabis seeds that may treat many different illnesses once grown out and flowered. If you have any medical questions about using medical marjuana to treat illnesses please speak with a doctor. We will then be happy to answer any questions that relate to medical usage of our strains.

Why Grow our Seeds in Michigan

representing the joy and satisfaction of harvesting cannabis plants grown from 'Green Avenger Seeds' in Michigan. The scene captures a grower joyfully harvesting amidst mature plants in a vibrant and abundant setting, with Michigan's natural scenery as a backdrop.

Our seed shop has been in business for many years now and we have many happy seed customers from around the world. If you are in Michigan you can order seeds from us through our website online. We currently accept Credit Cards and Crypto. Once you check out if you have any questions about payment you can visit our payments page for more information on paying for your seed order. Normally we ship your cannabis seeds ordered out in 12 to 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. 

If you are looking for seeds below is a link to our main seed shop page for customers to pick their favorite strains from.