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Buy Cannabis Seeds Colorado

If you are looking to buy Cannabis Seeds in Colorado, United States you have come to the right place! At Green Avenger Seeds we ship quality cannabis seeds to anywhere in Colorado, including Denver, Castle Rock, Pueblo, Trinidad and Colorado Springs. Our seeds are all very reasonably priced for Colorado Seed customers. We normally ship in 24 hours and your cannabis seeds will arrive in your mailbox before you know it!

We have many excellent strains with amazing genetics, if you are tired of growing the same old genetics in Colorado, United States give us a try. We have new genetics for Colorado growers all the time so check back often or join our Newsletter so you don’t miss out on a single sale or seed drop!

Buy Cannabis Seeds Colorado
Buy Cannabis Seeds Colorado

Favorite strains for Colorado Cannabis Seeds Customers

Bulk Cannabis Seeds for Your Dispensary

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Green Avenger Seeds is also able to sell and ship wholesale cannabis seeds to Colorado for your cannabis store, dispensary, grow shop, vape store and many other establishments for resale sales. You can read more on ordering wholesale cannabis seeds from us here.

We sell Exclusive Seeds in Colorado

You can only buy exclusive seeds in Colorado from Green Avenger Seeds. We have many exclusive cannabis seeds strains that you can’t find anywhere else in Colorado. So if you are looking for our seeds please check out our seed shop for more information. 

Our seeds are always fresh, and come with a gemination guarantee so you know your seeds will be ready to plant as soon as they arrive. We also include lots of amazing free seeds with every order so you never feel like you didn’t get enough seeds to grow for your Colorado cannabis garden.

Are Cannabis Seeds legal in Colorado?

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Yes, Cannabis Seeds are legal to grow and buy. Amendment 64 allows home cultivation of marijuana. Adults can grow up to six plants at home with no legal issues. Even though cannabis is still federally illegal, no home grower in Colorado has ever been raided or busted for growing cannabis at home.

Also some jurisdictions in Colorado do not allow the buying and selling of cannabis seeds or marijuana, however you can order seeds online from us. 

All cannabis plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked space and not in public.

Learn to Grow Cannabis in Colorado?

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Growing cannabis can be easy once you have a few gardens finished up under your belt. However it can be tough to get started growing if you know nothing about gardening or growing marijuana plants. There are many people that can help you, or you can go online and get help. There are many forums, to ask questions and get help. 

New Growers in Colorado can also contact Cannabis University, they provide growing classes that can help new marijuana gardeners get started quickly and easily.

Looking for Medical Cannabis Seeds in Colorado?

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Cannabis has many medical properties and has been used for thousands of years. We have cannabis seeds that can help. Some of the illnesses that our cannabis seeds can help are, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy, Seizures, and Glaucoma just to name a few. We feature marijuana seeds that are high in THC and also CBD for customers’ medical use once fully grown.

Shipping Cannabis Seeds to Colorado

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Customers in Colorado can pay with Crypto Currency, or Credit Card. Once your order payment has been processed we ship seeds within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. When not around the holiday season, you will typically get your cannabis seeds in 1 to 2 weeks after shipping. We ship regular shipping and tracked shipping at checkout.

Can you get seeds in Colorado?

Why cannabis dispensaries in Colorado are only allowed to sell customers six seeds per day per customer. We are able to ship you as many cannabis seeds as you wish to store for novelty usage. We have feminized seeds that can meet any growers need and Green Avenger Seeds ships fast to Colorado.

This History Of Cannabis In Colorado

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Early Restrictions and Prohibition Era

  • Early 20th Century Restrictions: Colorado first restricted cannabis on March 30, 1917, making its use and cultivation a misdemeanor. By 1929, the sale, possession, and distribution of marijuana became a felony for repeat offenses​​.
  • First Federal Convictions: Following the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act, the first federal convictions for marijuana offenses in the U.S. were recorded in Colorado, marking a significant moment in the history of cannabis regulation​​.

Move Towards Decriminalization

  • Decriminalization in 1975: In a wave of decriminalization, Colorado decriminalized possession of up to one ounce of cannabis in 1975, classifying it as a petty offense. This amount was later increased to two ounces in 2010​​.
  • Medical Marijuana Legalization: On November 7, 2000, Colorado voters approved Amendment 20, legalizing medical marijuana for patients with specific conditions and written medical consent​​.

Recreational Legalization and Its Impacts

  • Amendment 64 and Recreational Legalization: Colorado Amendment 64, passed in 2012, legalized recreational marijuana use and led to state-licensed retail sales starting in January 2014. This policy change also gave rise to cannabis tourism in the state​​.
  • Economic Growth: By 2014, Colorado’s legal marijuana market reached total sales of $700 million. However, by 2018, revenue from legalized marijuana only constituted about 2% of the state’s education budget​​​​.

Ongoing Research and Observations

  • Research and Health Implications: Research in Colorado has found that while cannabis use increased post-legalization, it did not necessarily lead to increased behavioral problems. Studies also showed that opioid use and deaths declined in states following legalization​​.
  • Health Risks and Benefits: While there are health risks, particularly for adolescents and pregnant women, measurable health benefits for chronic pain, anxiety, and cancer patients have been identified​​.
  • Dispelling Myths: Research has debunked the stereotype of cannabis users as inactive, finding them to have better fitness metrics and insulin function compared to non-users​​.
  • Labeling and Industry Evolution: A study highlighted the inadequacy of traditional labels like indica, sativa, and hybrid in accurately representing the chemical diversity of cannabis products. There’s a call for a more informative labeling system akin to the FDA’s nutrition facts panel for food​​.


Colorado’s journey from early restrictions to becoming a pioneer in legalizing recreational cannabis highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of cannabis legislation and its socio-economic impact. This transformation has paved the way for significant economic growth, increased research on health implications, and ongoing efforts to refine regulations and industry practices.