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We make buying cannabis seeds in the United States Simple and Easy.

Here at Green Avenger Seedbank we have a good selection of Feminized Cannabis seeds for sale in the United States of America. Why would you want to buy weed seeds from us? We grow all our seeds using 100% sustainable organic growing methods so you know you’re helping the environment by purchasing seeds for your marijuana garden.

There are so many new seedbanks in the United States, however we are a direct from the breeder seedbank, meaning we sell cheaper than most other seedbank you have heard of. While most seedbanks charge 50 dollars for five feminized cannabis seeds you can get three feminized seeds for as low as 15 dollars. We also have freebies if you buy five or more seeds. You can get 3 bonus marijuana seeds of your choice, with any purchase of five seeds for 20 dollars Canadian. Once you grow our cannabis strains you will see what a great value this is, and will come back to see what else we can offer you.

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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds United States From Us

You can buy seeds from us anywhere that medical and recreational marijuana is legal in the USA. You can visit our website and browse the current strains we have in stock for sale. Next you can add the strains you would like to purchase to your cart. Once you have picked all the strains you would like to buy from us, you can visit the cart page to review your order. If everything is correct you can then step though our easy to use checkout process, we have fashioned our checkout to work like many other popular checkouts such as Shopify™. Please enter in your email and address details taking care that they are correct. Then you can pick one of our shipping methods that include a tracking number so you know when your marijuana seeds are shipped and when you can expect your package in the mail. Our shipping is very reasonable priced.

Next you can select your payment method currently Green Avenger Seeds takes Crypto (Bitcoin, Ether) and Credit Card Payments. Please note that using a Credit Card may have a 3.6% charge added to your purchase. Once we receive your payment we ship your seeds in discreet, and secure packaging so you never have to worry that your seeds will end up being crushed in the mail. There is nothing more disappointing for customers, so we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen and if it does we will happily reship your seeds to our United States customers.

What types of strains can we offer United States of America Customers?

Here at Green Avenger Seeds all our seeds are feminized and we sell both Indica and Sativa strains as well as hybrid strains. Some of the amazing strains that we sell include Pineapple ExpressStrawberry Candy, Stone Cold DieselPurple Punch and OrangeTheory just to name a few from our selection.

Can we see some of your customers growing Green Avenger Seed Strains?

Yes, by checking out Social Media you can see many of our customers growing strains from our seedbank. We have a link in our website footer called “Our Community” that has links to our Social Media profiles, you can also search any of these to find Green Avenger Seed customer grows.

We have had many customers growing our seeds with excellent results, and were very happy with the quality and price of our seeds.

If you are from the USA and have any questions about purchasing seeds from us please feel free to contact us using our contact page, or social media (please note we don’t monitor social media daily) however the best way to get in touch with us is through our Green Avenger Seeds contact page, we check this account for questions daily not including weekends or holidays.

At our seedbank we know how hard it is to find quality cannabis seeds at the right price so why not check us out, you might be happy that if you live in the United States you did!

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We Ship to All American States! See more below...

For a country where the cannabis industry is experiencing remarkable growth, understanding the ins and outs of “buying cannabis seeds in the United States” has never been more critical. 

The Rise of Cannabis Cultivation in the United States 

As more states lean towards cannabis legalization, a considerable shift in the perception and usage of cannabis is taking place across the United States. A significant result of this shift is the increased interest in homegrown cannabis cultivation, fueling a burgeoning demand for quality cannabis seeds. It is thus paramount to understand the intricacies of buying cannabis seeds in the United States.

An Overview of Cannabis Seeds 

Cannabis Seeds from Green Avenger Seeds 

Cannabis seeds, the tiny harbingers of robust cannabis plants, play a crucial role in a successful cultivation venture. Each seed type comes with unique characteristics, growth patterns, and potency levels, which profoundly influence the final yield. Therefore, your first step in this cultivation journey begins with selecting the right cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seed Banks in the USA 

While cannabis seed banks are more prevalent in European countries, our reliable seed bank is operating in the United States. We cater exclusively to American customers, offering a wide range of cannabis seeds tailored to diverse cultivation requirements. We pride ourselves as one of the best American cannabis seed banks and breeders, providing valuable insights to guide your seed purchasing decisions.

American Cannabis Seed Companies 

We are a reputable cannabis seed company based in the United States, providing quality seeds to both novice and experienced growers. Our company not only supply seeds but also contribute significantly to cannabis genetics, pioneering new strains to meet the evolving needs of cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis Seeds as Novelty Items 

In regions with stricter cannabis laws, our seeds are often sold as ‘novelty items’ or ‘collectibles.’ This distinction allows us to operate within legal boundaries, though the seeds themselves are viable and capable of producing cannabis plants.

The Best American Cannabis Seed Breeders

Reputable Seedbank Green Avenger Seeds 

The United States is home to several notable cannabis seed breeders who have made substantial contributions to the industry. With our dedication to quality and genetic diversity has led to the creation of some of the world’s most cherished cannabis strains.

The Most Renowned Cannabis Seed Bank 

Determining the ‘most famous’ cannabis seed bank can be subjective, as it depends on various factors like quality, variety, customer service, and shipping policies. However, we consistently stand out due to our reputation for providing quality seeds, reasonable prices, and exceptional service.


As the United States continues to evolve its stance on cannabis, understanding the nuances of buying cannabis seeds within its borders becomes increasingly important. The cannabis seeds we choose will shape our cultivation experience, and this US seed guide aims to equip you with the information you need to make the right choice. Remember, your journey in cannabis cultivation begins with a seed – choose wisely!