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Who Are The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders

With so many people coming into the cannabis market over the last few years, it is hard to know who the best cannabis seed breeders are these days. There are breeders, breeding for commercial cannabis seed market and ones for recreational seed markets. Knowing which breeders are reputable can be a tough challenge.

What is a Cannabis Breeder?

Cannabis breeders are what you would call a genetics expert on cannabis strains and knowledge. They have grown out many marijuana strains over the years. Many can tell just by looking at a plant what types of genetics it contains. Sativa, Indica or Hybrid strain. This is an import job, as selecting the right genetics to pass down the line to future generations can have a big impact.

Some strains can have 32% THC in them while others from the same generation of cannabis plants could have 2% THC content. The best cannabis seed breeders know their strain genetics very well.

Green Avenger Seeds cannabis breeder has been growing and testing strains for 30+ years. Acquired hundreds if not thousands of different types of strains. For example, you can buy cannabis seeds from our breeder on our seed shop page.

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Best Cannabis Seed Breeders over the Years

Over the years there have been many cannabis breeders come and go. One of the first real breeders to breed an amazing strain named Sweet Tooth that was bred by Breeder Steve. This strain was sold to customers from Spice of Life Seeds starting in 1994. Some other notable cannabis seed breeders over the years include: Brothers Grimm Seeds, Subcool Seeds (RIP), Humboldt Seed Company, Soma Seeds, DJ Short’s Blueberry, Mr. Nice, Shantibaba, Old Bushy Grower, Green Bodhi, Joey Weed, Dman, Josey Wales and our breeder, Breeder Brent.

The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders take years to create Amazing Strains

Anyone that knows anything about the best cannabis breeders know that it can take hard work and many years to develop the best strains of cannabis for customers to buy. Breeder Brent has been working on the Canadian Sunshine cannabis strain since 2009. 

This strain was a Sensi Star strain and was bred for outdoors in more northern climates like Canada and the Northern USA. Genetic trait was selected for early flowering times, dense cannabis buds and good mold resistance. These genetic traits were selected for the harshest northern climates. Growing in these types of climates are harder to do with certain genetics.

The Best Cannabis Breeders Seeds
The Best Cannabis Breeders Seeds

What is a Pollen Chucker?

Pollen Chuckers are basically the exact opposite of the Best Cannabis Breeders. They will take two cannabis plants, a male and a female without knowing any of the background of the cannabis plant. They take the pollen from the male and chuck it on the female plant. This creates seeds, the pollen chucker will then take the seeds and give them away or sell them.

Why Best Cannabis Seed Breeders seeds are so much Better?

Real cannabis breeders put a lot of time and efforts into creating stable marijuana strains. They know where their genetics came from, and what to expect, in the breeding process. When getting seeds from pollen chuckers they may be the best strain in the world or not. The growers that received the seeds really has no idea. There was no real purpose, hence why the pollen was just chucked on some other plants to make some seeds.

Don’t get us wrong there is a place for these, and if you are just getting started in growing and can’t afford to pay for the best cannabis breeders seeds then these are good to start with. However, if you want to have constant results with your plants (especially if you have a plant count limit) then real breeders seeds are the way to go.

Working with the Top Cannabis Seeds Breeders Genetics

If you don’t want your final harvest after two months of hard work and cannabis cultivation to be a disappointment, we advise buying your seeds from a good knowledgeable breeder in the field. If you have a plant count it is very important that all your plant turn out consist results. If you buy cannabis seeds that are not consist you could end up with tall plants, short plants, low THC or CBD rates just to name a few things that could go wrong without good genetics.

The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders test their marijuana seed strains to make sure they behave the way they have described on their seed product pages. If the breeder says they will be short plants with large buds that will need to be staked, then you will not get any surprises in that grow. You will know that you will need to stake your plants when then start to flower.  

Seed Companies That pay the Most for Advertising

There are some seedbanks out there that are playing a lot of money for advertising. Pay money for advertising makes these seedbanks good at advertising. This does make them knowledgeable or good at breeding quality and top-notch marijuana strains.

As a grower you must be careful to not fall for their marketing scams. Sometimes the worst cannabis seed companies pay for the most advertising because their strain are poor. Covering up poor genetics with lots of advertising dollars can make them seem like they are the best cannabis seed breeders. Many times, the best breeders are not the ones that pop up in the first five results on Google. They are only at the top because they paid big dollars to put themselves there.

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