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How to create a simple Alfalfa Tea for Cannabis

Alfalfa Tea for Cannabis

Alfalfa Tea for Cannabis

Brewing a simple Alfalfa tea for Cannabis can be a simple yet effective way to energizing organic marijuana fertilizer your cannabis plants. It is a very simple process, with great benefits, such as healthier plants, fast growth and bigger harvests. Below we will walk you through the tools needed to create this wonderful plant addition, and organic materials.

How to make your tea

An illustration of a teapot pouring alfalfa tea onto a thriving cannabis plant, highlighting its nourishing properties.

To start you will require some type of bucket as your brewer, this can be as small as ¾ of a 1 liter plastic milk jug, or as big as a trash can. I personally like to use something smaller to make this tea, however this is just personal preference and not a requirement. The next important tool you will need is some type of air pump, and a good air stone to pump your air though. You can find both of these things at the local pet store or of course Amazon. It doesn’t need to pump a ton of air though you brew just an enough to have a good flow of bubbles coming out of the brew and keep it moving.

An oil painting capturing a tranquil garden setting with alfalfa, a teacup, and a cannabis plant in the background.

Next take your bucket and fill it water, if you’re on city water, you will need to let it sit out for 24 hours so any chemicals will evaporate out of your water before it is used. If you’re on well water it should be fine, as long as there are not any heavy metals. If this is a concern you can have it tested at your local lab. Over the best water source you can use will be rain water collected in a rain bucket. Once you have your water in your bucket, add in your air stone and start the pump. Next add your most important ingredient the alfalfa, I like to use 1 cup per gallon of water, this isn’t set in stone and you may add more or less depending on what works for you. Give the water and the alfalfa a good stir for a few minutes, the alfalfa will keep floating to the top this is fine. Next add a tablespoon of ground oyster shell into the mix.

This will add lots of great calcium to your mix and help the fungi grow. Next I like to add a tablespoon of kelp meal to the mix this will help with growing your bacteria in your mix not to mention the hundreds of micronutrients and growth stimulants in the in kelp meal. Then we add the final ingredient to the brew, this will be the sugar of the mix to feed all the great thing you will be growing in the mix. Add approximately 1 to 2 tablespoons of unsulfured molasses (organic if possible) to your brew to provide necessary sugars for the bacteria to feed on.

Alfalfa Tea for Cannabis
Alfalfa Tea for Cannabis Plants

Stir you mix well for a few minutes. You’re done brewing at this point.

Next Steps for your cannabis tea

A photo depicting fresh alfalfa sprouts next to a steaming cup of tea with a cannabis leaf on the saucer.

Next is the waiting game, you will want to wait about 24 hours for the brew to mix with the oxygen and ingredients. The Alfalfa meal will start to leach into your brew providing Tricantinol a powerful and useful grow stimulant for your cannabis plants. Once your tea is ready you can either mix it with your water source or add it directly to your plants. You will have no issues adding all the brew and ingredients to your plants, the ingredients will work as a great top dressing for your plants, and continue to provide fertilizer to your plants over the coming months from the left over Alfalfa meal and the ground oyster shells will leach calcium for months after use.

This is an amazing way to supercharge your plants with a few simple thing, with massive benefits that are natural and healthy!

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