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We are a Canadian, United States and Worldwide Cannabis Seeds company shipping from the east coast. Green Avenger Seeds is consistently breeding with over 18 strains currently available in our line up. 

Discover our extensive selection of low priced high-quality cannabis seeds and find the perfect strain for your needs.

Our seeds are tested regularly for quality and germination rates, so the customer certainly gets the best quality seeds for value. Our feminized cannabis seed prices are the most competitive in the cannabis seed market today.


Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada & USA

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of seeds that are carefully selected and tested to ensure that they meet our high standards. Plus, our knowledgeable customer support team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Latest Articles from the Green Avenger Seeds Blog

Every month we post to learning articles to help our customers learn how to grow cannabis. We help with choosing the right growing equipment, seeds, and setting up growing spaces. Whether your an outdoor or indoor grower we have articles to help everyone grow the best cannabis they can from our years of cannabis cultivation experience.  

Choosing the Right Type of Cannabis Seeds for You

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Additionally, if you want to grow seedless buds then feminized seeds are for you, when you grow feminized cannabis seeds you are guaranteeing that you will basically only end up with desired female plants. Without males to grow pollen you can grow 100% quality buds with no seeds. You can read more about buying cannabis seeds on this site.

Are you looking for the best value marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds on the market today! We ship cannabis seeds all over the world, including the United States, Canada, EU, United Kingdom, Australia amount many other places in the world that you can grow marijuana. We rival some of the best seed companies in the world with regards to quality and marijuana seed pricing. Are cannabis seeds are cheaper then some of the best seed companies including  Royal Queen Seeds, Crop King Seeds, BC Seed Company, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, Jungle Boys Seeds, Ethos Seeds. If you would like to order mail order cannabis seeds we ship them in a manner to product our customers privacy and security. We never put any information on our marijuana seeds envelopes that would identity what is inside your package when the mail person delivers it to your door!

Where else can you find our Cannabis Seeds on Sale?

We also never sell marijuana or cannabis seeds on places like E-bay, Amazon, or Etsy. If you do an internet search of any of these places you will not find Green Avengers Brand Cannabis Seeds there. If you see anyone selling our seeds at E-Bay, Amazon or Etsy please use the contact us page and let us know. We do not allow these places to sell our cannabis seeds to customers. If you see marijuana seeds at e-Bay, Amazon, or Etsy these are not our seeds and the seed seller does not have our permission to sell our seeds and is most likely a scam seller. 

However you will indeed find all our cannabis seed strains listed here on our website. You can review all the information about each of our amazing strains by clicking on our Green Avenger Seeds store pages. Each cannabis seed strain comes with it growing information, potency, flowering time and growing information. We strive to give our growers and customers the best information we can to grow their seeds in the best way possible. 

Our marijuana seeds are bred with care in an organic growing environment are are suitable for growing indoors or outdoors. You can even grow them in a greenhouse with no issues at all. Our breeder, Breeder Brent is one of the best breeders of cannabis in the world today. He has been working hard for many years to grow the best marijuana seeds at an affordable value for all growers.  

What make Green Avengers Seeds so valuable?

  • Many years of breeding and selection of the best quality cannabis plants year after year.
  • Testing each marijuana seed lot for germination quality and value. 
  • High yielding cannabis seed strains for everyone, our marijuana strains grow very large and potent cannabis buds.
  • Our Cannabis Strains are consistent and will give stale and consistent results from seed to seed. 

Our Cannabis Strains will grow healthy right from the day they germinate until the day they are harvested cannabis growers can expect great results from our marijuana seeds. 

Where can home cannabis growers find our cannabis seeds?

We only sell cannabis seeds from the Green Avenger Seeds website. You can not buy marijuana seeds at any of these other cannabis seed shops on the internet. 

Get Tons of Free Cannabis Seeds Online!

If you are a marijuana grower that loves tons of free seeds in each and every cannabis seed order then you will love our marijuana seed company. We give out thousand of free cannabis seeds every single year. We love our customers and we want them to have extra seeds just incase they run into any germination issues. 

What type of Marijuana Seeds do we Sell Online?

Green Avenger Seeds has a great lineup of cannabis seeds for your to buy we current sell all feminized marijuana seeds for our customers, we have these in regular high THC value seeds and also high CBD value seeds. If you are looking for the best variety of cannabis seeds in 2023 then you have come to the right place to shop for marijuana seeds. 

What are some of our Favorite Cannabis Seeds we do not have for sale?

There are so many great cannabis seed strains on the marijuana market today in the USA, we can’t grow them all so these are some of our favorite strains that we would like to add to our seed line up in 2023!

  • Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds – Awesome Cannabis Strains for growers around the world.
  • Blue Dream Feminized Seeds – Awesome taste and value this one is a classic strain.
  • Super Sour Diesel Haze – This one is a crazy one with awesome THC potency, it takes awhile to grow but no one ever complains.
  • Girl Scout Cookies(GSC) – This amazing cannabis seed strain from the west coast of the United States is a favorite of many marijuana growers in Canada as well.
  • Blueberry – Everyone knows Blueberry Cannabis strain if you don’t it’s time to do some more research.
  • Northern Lights – This one has been around since the 1980’s and is still one of the best strains around in 2023.
  • Godfather OG – This one will hit the users hard with 35% THC from cannabis seed to harvest.

Some of our runners up for the best cannabis seeds this coming year. 

  • Gravity Apple
  • Sapphire Tsu
  • Blue Tint
  • Forbidden Muffin
  • Garlic Budder
  • Cali Gas
  • Canadian Sunshine
  • Stone Cold Diesel
  • Purple Punch
  • Mango Mintality

What are the Best Cannabis Seeds Right Now?

We would put our cannabis seed brand up against any cannabis seed website on the market today for value and quality. We are one of the most reputable marijuana seedbanks in the world today. We stand behind every single marijuana seed that we sell to our customers. We never short our customers cannabis seeds. If anything we love to provide many more extra free seeds then the grow even paid for. 

How can you pay for your marijuana seeds?

The best way to pay for your cannabis seeds is to use your Credit Card in the United States, Canada, UK, EU and Australia. We also have many other ways that our customers can pay for these cannabis seeds with Green Avenger Cannabis Seed Brands. 

What extras will be included with my online Cannabis Seeds order?

We always do our best to include extra cannabis seeds, t-shirts, Green Avenger Seed stickers, mugs and so many other freebies depending on the time of year that the customer places their cannabis seed order with us. 

What is the Strongest Cannabis Seed in 2023?

Currently there are many very strong cannabis seeds in 2023 however there are a few that really stand out as far as THC levels are concerned, right now Skywalker OG is a very strong cannabis seed strain on the seed market today. It can have THC level that range from 23% all the way to 27% THC so as you can see this is a very strong and powerful cannabis seed strain this year. 

There are many different cannabis seed companies in Canada, and it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best. Some factors to consider when choosing cannabis seeds include the quality of the seeds, the reputation of the company, the variety of strains available, and the price.

Here are a few Canadian seed companies that are known for producing high-quality seeds:

  1. Tweed: Tweed is a well-known cannabis company based in Ontario that produces a wide range of cannabis seeds, including both feminized and regular seeds. They have a reputation for producing high-quality seeds with strong genetics and reliable germination rates.

  2. BC Bud Depot: BC Bud Depot is a British Columbia-based seed company that has been producing cannabis seeds for over 20 years. They offer a wide range of strains, including both indica and sativa varieties, and are known for producing seeds with strong genetics and high viability rates.

  3. Crop King Seeds: Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed company that has been in business for over 15 years. They offer a wide range of cannabis seeds, including both feminized and regular seeds, and have a reputation for producing high-quality seeds with strong genetics and good germination rates.

  4. Canadian Seed Bank: Canadian Seed Bank is a seed company based in Ontario that offers a wide range of cannabis seeds, including both feminized and regular seeds. They have a reputation for producing high-quality seeds with strong genetics and reliable germination rates.

Overall, it is important to do your research and carefully consider your options when choosing cannabis seeds. Look for seeds from reputable companies with a track record of producing high-quality seeds, and be sure to read customer reviews and ask for recommendations from other growers to find the best seeds for your needs.

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